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June 8 - Weekly Check-In (Read 243 times)

    Hi, all. How's it going? This will be a quick post since we have company over today. Ready? Drum roll......... Mon - 3 miles. Weekly Total - 3 miles Cry I've done something to my hip and I have major pain running from my lower back down my butt. Dr. says I have muscle spasms which has twicked the major neve that runs from the hip down the back of the leg. Of course he says no running until the pain is gone. So far the pain is still with me. Sad So I didnt' get to run my planned 10K on Sat., but hope to be back out and running sometime this week. Hope everyone else had a better weeks. Dang injuries! Angry

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      I'm in the same boat, due to achilles tendonitis. I'm hoping to be able to run by the weekend, but the doctor said I shouldn't do the 5k Saturday I'd signed up for. Sigh. At least I have an excuse not to run in the terribly hot weather that's come to Maine! Hope you get better quickly, Gayle!

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        So... I just joined and have basically no chance of ever catching the pace bunny (I didn't log miles until April. I ran them, just didn't write 'em down), but, oh well! Tues: 2.8 Wed: 2.5 Fri: 3.2 Total = 8.5 Someday I will have a double digit week. But for now, I'm going to Virginia for a while, where today's humidity was 100% and the high temp was 105. MTA: Feel better!
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          OMG! Cry I'm so sorry to hear about the injuries! I've had plantars faciaitis and ITB sydrome before and I know how painful (physical and mental) they can be! I feel for both of you I really do. Just a word of advise is don't rush the physical recovery. NSAIDS, ice and rest. The mental recovery you can start today! Do some cross training, wieghts, yoga, whateva, to keep your cardio going so that once you're "all" better you can start back again. My week went well, Monday- 3.5 Tuesday - Red Sox game! woo hoo Big grin Wednesday - Lazy Evil grin Thursday - 4 easy Friday - 8 treadmill in the zone run! Sat -4.3 Hot Angry Sun - 13.2 long. 30 or so...miles! last week the temperature here in CT went from seasonably cool to unseasonably hot, 62 degrees on Wednesday to 95 degrees on Friday. Holy sports drink bat man! I felt like a had a small child on my back on Saturday and Sunday. Any how how did everyone else do? Karl
            Sorry to hear of everyone's injuries. Good week doc. M - Off T - 3.2 easy W - missed, Heavy rain and thunderstorms Th - missed, off from work but babysitting daughter F - Off Sa - 5.9 Tempo Su - 3.4 planned on 8 plus, but the heat & humidity was too much even @ 6:30 am. Total - 12.5 miles Hopefully I will become more acclimated to the heat & humidity, but it was just too much for me. Hope to improve my mileage this week after a few bad weeks lately.
              Sorry to hear about all the injuries and the humidity challenges! Thinking good thoughts for quick recoveries Gayle and Theresa! You both are so strong, I'm sure you'll bounce back. And here's to some better weather, or at least acclimitization. Wink I had a pretty good week: M --3.8 T -- off W -- 5.3 R -- gym, weight workout F -- 4.3 Sa -- off Su -- 7.25 Total: 20.7. I had been starting to feel some aches and pains in my hip and knee -- all too reminiscent of my ITBS history. So I've been making a point to run easy and it does seem to be abating this last week. After my 5k last weekend, where I saw proof that running slow can actually help with racing faster, I'm definitely sold on the idea. Still, I wonder if it might be time for some new shoes? I don't even have 300 miles on the current pair, but, maybe? Have a great, and healing, week, all!
                Man oh man on the injuries. My left hip is feeling a little like I need to spray some WD40 in it. I'll keep running easy, add some stretching, and see what happens. As AnneCA can attest, northern California is strangely steamy today, too. Good thing it's not a running day for me. Sun: 3.19-- More-than-5K "race" Tues: 2.25 Thurs: 2.47 Sat: 2.95 Total: 10.86 I'm very happy with having a double digit week. Tomorrow's run will be a new time record (and hopefully a distance record, too).

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                  Week= 0 miles I got the stomach flu a week ago so I didn't think it was a good idea to run for a week and my school is done with P.E. so no running there. I'll run tomorrow for sure. Logan

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                    Good luck with the running tomorrow, Logan! I wondered where you were.
                      Hello all I can relate to the injuries - I had a stress fracture the first year I started running steadily. The emotional impact is worse than the pain, I think! I was away at a conference in Victoria BC (lovely place for running) at the beginning of the week. Mon: 13.4 km with the wind blowing off the Pacific ocean - woo hoo! Tues: too much conferencing Wed: travel back to T.O. Thurs: 11.73 km (getting ready for a heat wave) Fri: Poker night! (only lost $5) Sat: Long run turned into a wet, soggy 6 km. Sun: Long run turned into a 4 mile walk/run in horrible heat and humidity Total: 23 miles Here's to a better week of less humidity and recovery from injuries. Ruth

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                        Oh, no! i hate to see all the injuries. i'm coming back from an extended bout of PF, and i just hate to see others ailing. i'm still walking. i have my new new orthotics, and my feet are angry when i walk in them. i hope to start run/walking next week, but it all depends on how my feet adapt. Monday -- nada Tuesday -- 3.05 miles, during which i was attacked by a red winged blackbird Wednesday -- nothing Thursday -- 2.02 miles Friday -- 2.95 miles Saturday and Sunday -- nothing 8.02 miles
                          Oh, no! i hate to see all the injuries. i'm coming back from an extended bout of PF, and i just hate to see others ailing.
                          Hmmmmm, I wonder if the bunny has jinxed us to stay ahead? Confused Or in Teresa case to slow her down? Hope your feet start feeling better soon, ikers. And ....." was attacked by a red winged blackbird" ??? Tongue Everyone needs to get well quickly! Welcome aboard, Alex! Glad to see you in our little world! Karl, that's bascially what the dr said. Once the pain is gone he wants core training including yoga to strengthen my core and then work back into my cardio. Pains not gone yet, but I'm hoping to start by the end of the week. Thanks! Phil, I know I've asked you before, but when does your "official" training start for your 1/2? July? obiebyke, NOW yo have the double digit! Woo Hoo! Welcome back, Logan! Have a good week everyone!

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                            Gayle - I'm planning on starting my official training the Monday after the 4th of July. I have a 4 mile race on the 4th, will probably take the weekend easy then start training the following Tuesday.
                              Have a great summer guys. I hope all the injuries heal fast. Headed for Alaska tomorrow for 2 months. I will be logging my miles on a piece of paper for the summer. That is, if I'm able to get any runs in! Oh, I posted a photo of our camper on the "off the beaten path" forum. We leave tomororow at the crack, so who knows, maybe I got my last, lame, 3.8 mile run in for the summer. I should still make the 1000k goal, if I try hard. Safe running!

                              - Anya

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                                Have a wonderful trip, Anya! Good luck getting your runs in. DH lived near Copper Center for 4 years and loved it. I hope he takes me there one day!