1000Km-621 mile club


how about 1000 miles next year? (Read 228 times)

    I haven't finished my 1000Km yet, but I'm on pace to finish up around the end of November. This leads me to start thinking about next year and to start setting my goals a little higher. I'm planning on shooting for the 1000 mile mark next year. Anyone with me? Josh

    2011 Goals:
    sub 17min 5k
    5:15 mile?
    (well, maybe next year)

      yes i'll be aiming for 1000miles next year. i'll probably also aim for 2000kms (i'm more of a km person). same as you i expect to get to 1000kms in november but i only started running really in march this year (after a break) and have built mileage ever since.
        How about 50 miles next year? I'll be lucky if I break 100 this year!
          I'll be shooting for 1000 next year too.
            Well, I'm not going to make the 1000Km this year. I'm going to keep going, and I might hit 600 miles, but even that's not a given. But that's ok! I ran more miles this year than last year, and next year, I'll do even more. I'm thinking of shooting for 1000 miles next year.

              I'm with you. 1000 mi sounds like a great goal. Think I started end of Feb or early March and I slowed down the last month or so and still made it. TOTALLY DOABLE! What a great addiciton.
              That your knees never hurt, that your feet never ache, that the wind always be at your back, and a stiff drink ever await your return.
                I'll be shooting for 1000 miles again next year - as well as 1000kms, and even 500 miles. I missed all three this year - too many injuries along the way. Here's to a new year with better, healthier running!