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March Goals (Read 304 times)

    How did everyone's Feb go?  What are your March goes?  Anyone have any races coming up?


    My Feb did not go that well.  I meant to get more mileage in Feb then I did in Jan even with fewer days, but that did not happen.  There was two major snow storms here with one storm dumping over 25 inches in 24 hrs.  So treadmill and lots of indoor stairs was the name of the game.  So my March goal is to beat my Jan mileage and get ready for a 1/2 marathon on April 2nd.  I'm not "training" for a certain timed finish.... I want to finish strong.

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    Maggie & Molly

      hmm, well, I got my tush back in front of the bunny so yes, I met my Feb goal.  My March goal is to hit a minimum of 20 miles per week.  Happy March

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      Running safely

        I lost some ground after crashing my bike and having to take it easy for a couple of weeks (ribs). But I have gotten back on schedule. I was about 4 miles ahead of the bunny before the wreck and have gotten back to within a mile of the bunny again. Maybe by mid-next week I will be back in front and keep my lead or increase it.


        I have no planned races or big distance goals. Just staying out there for the health benefits right now.

        Running safely

          Ok, I dug myself out of the hole already.


          I was not scheduled to run today, but ended up waking up 2 hours early. I don't know if I will get to run until Monday though, so though I am 1.7 miles ahead of the bunny right now, I will be behind by the time the new week starts. But, I am right on track. Woot!

          Maggie & Molly

            good for you, David.  I spent most of January behind the bunny, fortunately I've got my run on and am now a chunk of miles ahead of that darn bunny - hoping to keep it that way! 

             "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
            Wisdom of Confucius

            HF 4363

              Hi, everybody,


              My March goals have been reduced to this: get back to training as soon as possible !


              In fact, since the 4th I've been attacked, first, by a very aggressive flu and, in the last 8 days, by a strong and initially very painfull, otitis in my left ear (the truth is I'm still absolutely deaf from that side).

              It's been a month to forget in terms of general health and, consequently, concerning workouts. Things are now, at last, beggining to seem less serious and I'm looking forward to a more rewarding month of April.

              Still, I must be cautious and wait a few more days in order to try and consolidate health improvements.


              Keep going strong, everyone ! Smile

                Well, I appreciated everyone's concern... Angry (just kidding, of course Wink ).


                Anyway, just to tell you I got back to training this morning. Short and slow, that's for sure, but emotionally very rewarding nonetheless.

                I still feel terribly week (these 34 minutes seemed like 4 hours), and my otitis is not totally cured yet, but I trust I will get over that shortly.


                This was 'my finest hour' of the entire month, in spite of all the difficulties. Smile

                Maggie & Molly

                  get back at it slowly so you don't end up sick again!!  The miles will catch up eventually!

                   "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
                  Wisdom of Confucius

                  HF 4363

                    Dang.....you are right...(no kidding aside) we totally ignored you.  Blush  So sorry. 


                    I feel for you....I haven't had the very aggressive flu that you have had but a lingering stupid chest cold.  Take it easy getting back out there.....you have to feel much, much worse and weaker then me and I don't feel worth anything.


                    Are you having balancing problems with your inner ear on top of everything else?  Enjoy your finest hr for March,  April promises to be much, much better.

                    "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble


                    Princess Cancer Pants

                      Ugh, the flu is so miserable.  Every time I hear someone say that the flu is "no biggie" I assume that they didn't actually have the flu.  That shit is guaranteed to take me out for a week, but linger in some capacity for a full month.  2 years ago I lost the better part of a month's training to that horrid bug.  Glad you are feeling better, now.

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                        To Cheryl, Gayle and Kirsten, thank you very much for all your words of encouragement.


                        And yes, I intend to take it easy for a while (I really don't want to have to stop again, at least in the nearest future).


                        About Gayle's question, I can gladly answer 'No'. In fact, the otitis has now entered a milder phase (I can tell it 'cause I had a few in the last 12 or 13 years) and fortunately it poses no balancing problems. Still I am yet to recover my normal hearing capacity.


                        As Kirsten mentions, I also was sometimes a bit arrogant (call it over-optimistic) concerning the flu, but this time around I've really learned a lesson: never underestimate it (24 days of unwanted - and sometimes painfull - 'reclusion' did that trick).


                        Again, thank you all.

                        Maggie & Molly

                          sounds like you have a great plan of comeback. 


                          as for me, I did a whole lot of nothing last week post 1/2.  That darn bunny is going to catch up to me again if I don't get moving.  Hitting the road tonight!

                           "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
                          Wisdom of Confucius

                          HF 4363

                          fast momma!

                            pedro~  it kinda sounds like your eardrum ruptured!?!  Did anything drain out of it? Mine did that a year ago, very painful, then not so much, but loss of hearing for a while.  Hope you are doing better now!


                            My march goals are to increase my long runs to push towards a may half.  And, of course, to keep ahead of the bunny!

                            2011 goals: sub 60min 10K

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                              Hi, again


                              Cheryl, you still have a relatively nice margin over our bunny - surely you'll be able to increase it - and don't be so harsh on him: after all he's just doing his job trying to lead us towards those elusive 1000 K ! Smile


                              Holly - Though I've had more than my share of otitis along these last few years, I've been lucky enough never to experience those more extreme symptoms.

                              Still, the first few days have always been quite painfull - then the pain tends to soften, but more than once I lost my hearing ability for up to 3 months.

                              Fortunately,  antibiotics in conjunction with eardrops always solved the issue. Hopefully that will happen this time also.


                              Bye for now.