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August 24th - Weekly Check In (Read 162 times)

    Hi, all. How's it going? School starting effect your running schedules? I ran Tues and Thurs for about 3 miles each time. I've been improving until this week and had a bit of a set back. Both runs ended up causing my hip to really hurt so I took the rest of the week off. I did get 20 miles in on my bike on Sunday. Not sure how long I'll take off but at least until the hip is not so angry. How is everyone else doing?

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      I was a total slacker last week and only ran 1 day. I'm back on track this week, though.
        The last month has not been going well for my running, between working too many hours and going away on the weekends with the family I missed a decent amount of my mileage. Last week I got out 4 times and was close to getting back on schedule, hopefully I can continue the trend. M - off T - 4.1 easy W - 5.6 stroller Th - off F - off Sa - 10.5 long Su - 4.5 stroller Total - 24.7 miles Really need to keep it up for the HM at the end of Septemebr and to reach 1000 KM.
          Managed my longest week since February. I actually passed someone on one of my runs along the waterfront this week (No, they weren't walking and they were running in the same direction as me!) Mon - 16 km Tue - Wed - 9.5 km Thu - 6 km Fri - Sat - 13.5 km Sun - 5.2 km Total 50.2 km


            Last week Monday - nuttin! Tuesday - 7.02 Wednesday - 4.19 Thursday - Yoga Friday - Ate, Drank and was Merry! Sat - 4.02 Sun - nuttin! Not a real productive week for me, but I had fun! I'm almost to 70 miles this month, that'll be my highest yet and I still have a few days to do it Smile
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