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April 6th Check-In (Read 298 times)

    Wow, can't belive 3 months of 2009 are in the books already, I don't know where the time goes. Had my biggest week ever, finished with 31.5 miles and feel pretty good today. M - off T - 4.2 easy W - 6.1 easy Th - 5.2 easy F - off S - 12 long Su - 4 w/ my daughter in the stroller I'm feeling good about my upcoming HM on May 3rd and 5 mile race on April 19, hope to improve my time from last year. How did everyone else do this week? Gayle, hope evertything went well for you at the Cherry Blossom race.
      Hi, Phillip! Nice miles you got going there. Smile Keep that up and you're going to have to switch groups. Wink My week: S - run 1.4, swim 1200 yds M - run 1.4, T - run 1.4, taekwondo W - run 1.4, spin 30:00, swim 1300 yds Th - run 1.4, taekwondo F - run 1.4 Sa - run 1.2 Still not where I'd like to be with the running, but I don't feel comfortable increasing miles this week because I'm still working trying to resolve a foot issue. Still signed up for a sprint tri the first weekend in May, but there's a possibility I may have to work and miss it. Sad

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Sore legs keep me away from running at the moment. But... I won't give up Dead However I am happy I can skate nowdays, weather is so fine.
          I'm back and here.....trying to catch up. Had a GREAT race!!!! Will check in later!! Big grin Phil, AWESOME!

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          Maggie & Molly

            I'm running - not exactly the miles I want but I'm still covering ground. Just over 10 miles this past week. I have to work out a schedule and stick to it even if it means running on the DM at times. That is usually when I bail - when I can't run outside!! Gayle ~~ Hope all is well with your Dad!!

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