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Jan 18th - Weekly Check-in (Read 244 times)

    How's everyone doing? Did the weather get warmer....it did here and I tried to run while it was warmer IF you can call it warmer....20's some day but more 30's and 40's. Big grin Mon - 3.15 - Easy Tues - off Wed - 3 with some striders thrown in Thurs - off - WAY to cold...at least for me Fri - 3 Easy Sat - 6.5 - longest run since last May. Woo Hoo! Sun - 3 Easy Total - 18.8 Yeah! How's everyone else doing? Stubborn Kilo, did you get to run this week? Feeling better? Jennifer, it's nice to see you still with us. Big grin Sounds like we might be on the same training track. I want to do my first 1/2 at the end of April (depends on how that 10 miler goes), next 1/2 in Oct with a possible first full in spring of 2010. Injury free of course. scubagrrl, You have time to run? Train for a 1/2? Wow! You have a lot going on right now.....so was the wedding this weekend? Hope it went well! Now you are attemping to get ready for first grandchild AND train for a 1/2. Yikes! Big grin ikers, when is surgery scheduled? So, so sorry about your injury.... I have faith you'll get that one mile....just don't rush it....I know you are tired of hearing that....but I also believe in the power positive thinking..... Get better!!! Vicki, when is your surgery? And no I've never ran with a cast....I would think it would get sticky and smelly... Sad

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      I'm behind the bunney... and not likely to get closer this week! I started training for a tri this past week, and juggling multi-sports is just taking over my workout schedule in a most alarming fashion! Shocked BUT... I have a treadmill on the way. It might arrive sometime next week. That'll be nice... Big grin

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        Thanks, I could do 6.1 km on a TM Saturday, it was still but icy outside so this was safest Smile But can go today for sure as it got warm and sunny suddenly (5C now). kilo

        Maggie & Molly

          I'm starting off 2009 like I ended 2008 - not running.f I had a slow regaining of miles happening and then I got sick - I'm hoping that I'll be running again by the end of this week. I really, really don't want to let that darn bunny get too far ahead...

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            Hey Everyone!! Gayle-Looks like you had an awesome week!! If it makes you feel any better I was thinking that the 2 degrees that I was out in this morning was feeling a lot warmer than the -35 we were having last week. We will have to keep track of each other and keep each other on track for 2010!!! Janell-At least your running is suffering because you are busy doing other exercise and it’s not because you are spending too much time on the couch. Cherrie-I am sure you will be back at it in no time!! Well as for me I only got 7.1 miles in last week but I am trying to get back into this slowly. The last thing I would need is some kind of stupid injury. But the great thing is if I keep on track I will have my highest mileage month in forever (Last Oct.). On small step at a time I will overtake the bunny!!! Big grin


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              Hi guys-- Thanks for asking about my surgery. I go to the doctor Friday for a consultation & get it set up. I'm afraid you're probably right about a cast. I just hate to think of having to start all over again. I was doing so good keeping ahead of the bunny & then Friday I started sneezing during the day. By Saturday I had a full blown something. All stuffed up, fever. I didn't go to work Monday or Tuesday. I finally started feeling better & went to work today. I didn't even think of running. Grandchildren live with us right now....I went to my room, locked the door & went to bed. I quit the Y on my way home from work today. Nothing happened but I wasn't going so just wasting $60 month. I have a treadmill in the garage so this weekend I'll rearrange some things out there & set it up for when I can't run outside. I hope everyone has a good week. Vicki
                I've been hitting the treadmill for the last couple of weeks. Even did my first long run of 7 miles on it on Sunday...that really sucked! It's suppose to warm up to about 35 today, woo hoo!! and be around 40 tomorrow, so I'm hoping to be outside running tomorrow. (Weights today) I'm just a little behind the bunny, but should be ahead of him before the end of the week. (fingers crossed) Thanks for asking, the wedding is this weekend, things seem to be coming together finally. I finally found a dress and my mother finished making my daughter's dress.
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