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better to lead or chase the bunny? (Read 121 times)

Thats rad

    Which do you prefer? The motivation to catch up to the bunny, or the satisfaction of staying ahead of it?



    Maggie & Molly

      I would love to actually stay in front of the bunny but it will remain to see if that happens.

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      HF 4363

      under a rock

        I'd rather stay ahead, especially at the start of the year, that way I have some wiggle room for illness or minor injury. I spent all last year behind the bunny due to starting with an injury that wasn't healed until mid Feb. I don't want to see that bunny's fluffy tail this year.

          I don't want to see that bunny's fluffy tail this year.


          Same here!


          Team 9 from Outer Space

            Depends on the time of year. For now, I'm okay being behind because my mileage will be lowest in January and February, but once I catch up and winter starts to break a bit (get past the -35*C), then I want to get ahead and stay there.

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              I prefer to stay behind the bunny in Winter. But not too far. It shouldn't make me feel like I can't catch up with some consistent weeks. I find it motivating to try and catch the bunny.

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              Princess Cancer Pants

                I'm gaining on the bunny after >5 forced weeks off, per orthoped's orders.  I'd like to keep a small lead on the bunny once I pass him.

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                  I'm way new to this, and I don't mind being behind the bunny, as long as I can still see the bunny.  I feel that if I were too far ahead,  I would just set my goal higher.