1000Km-621 mile club


Time is slowly creeping away from you (Read 294 times)

    My, my... we are only coming to the end of the first month and some of you are already injured or in pain. How troublesome for you. Will you be joining me at the finish? Would you like for me to slow down a little? This the Pace Bunny cannot do.
    Come play my game, I'll test you...
    No days off
    No holidays
    No vacations
    While you sleep in, I'm out there on the road.
      I think we need photoshopped pix to help us. Pace Bunny - want to help us out with that?

        Pace Bunny, you're ugly and I'm faster than you!!! The Vedhed cometh.
        That your knees never hurt, that your feet never ache, that the wind always be at your back, and a stiff drink ever await your return.