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Tell me the truth...do you want me to leave? (Read 281 times)

    Okay, so I really don't want to leave this group, but I don't want to take a place if I plan to run more than this 1000k. It is really complicated for me...and I'm sure this is hard to understand for some, but my goal really is to run 1000k. I run as an obsession--weight control and stress relief mainly. uh...exercise bulemia is probably the correct term. I want to make myself run less, in fact that was my new year's resolution, but right now that is not happening. In the 1000 mile group, many people are complaining because someone is way ahead--like 170 miles or so--(not me!) but I don't want to keep someone from being on the first page if it is really important to them. So...if you think I should leave--because right now I'm running at least 24 miles weekly...I will. And I can always come back. I want to be fair to everyone! Thanks! alyssa
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      For me personally, I don't care who's leading the board. I know some of the other groups are all about the leaderboard, but I think for the majority of people on here (or at least for me) it's about the goal of getting to 1000k, not blowing it out of the water. I am injured and not doing much now, but I haven't looked at the YTD distance in weeks because I just don't care about how far anyone else is except for that bunny. If being in this group helps you keep your goal in mind, by all means stay. Maybe it will help you cut down on your milage when you see how far you are beyond the bunny. Good luck to you. Anyways, that's just my opinion, maybe others striving for the top will disagree.


        Don't leave unless you want to. I don't care about who is at the top of the list or on the first page or whatever. All I care about is that rabbit. So long as I can stay ahead of the bunny, I'm good. I could care less whether the bunny and I are on the first page or the last, so long as I am ahead of it. My understanding of this user group is that it is a group dedicated to running 1000 Km this year. I did not think it mattered whether you achieve that goal on December 31st at 11:59 PM or next week. I didn't read the fine print. So run, stay with the group, and have fun.

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          I am in both the 1000k and the 1000 mile clubs. I was not sure which a realalistic goal was. In 2006 I ran almost 500 miles so I joined both and just seeing how it goes. I will stay with this group for the year and if I make the bigger goal of 1000 miles in 2007 I will be in that group in 2008 and not in this group that year. But I say stay till the end. What is it going to hurt any way? Everyone here likes to congratulate each other on the success that others make no matter how big or small it might seem. I love this site because I get to read about others success and want that for myself and get lots of advice from other runners that have, are going through the same things I am. Keep on running and we will cheer you on to success no matter what it is.

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            Personally, I don't care how many people finish ahead of me. My goal is to make it to the finish line before the BUNNY. STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
              I think the tribe has spoken and the consensus is that we like your company. Ultimately, its up to you, but everyone here seems to enjoy your company even if you are running more than we are, so dont feel like you need to leave so someone else can be at the top of the leader board. The only thing I ask is that you keep yourself healthy. While it seems like your running is great for you in many ways, just make sure you keep it at the level of a healthy obsession\addiction. Big grin Lets make a deal: every mile over 19 a week will go towards my 1000 Km. At least until I can start logging some reasonable miles on my own. Not that I am bitter or anything. Cool BTW - thank you for asking!!!