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April 20th - Weekly Check-In (Read 172 times)

    Good week for me. First week of one hour runner. Tues: 2.45 miles Thurs: 2.69 miles Sat: 3.04 miles Total: 8.18 miles

    Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

      I need to do some sort of program like that. I've got more motivation to watch re-runs of Two & A Half Men and eat microwave popcorn than I do to run, it seems. Roll eyes I don't think I did anything all week. Partly because of a nasty cold - by the time I've gotten home from work it's all I can do to get my child in bed by 8:00 and then collapse myself into an Afrin and Tylenol induced slumber. I'm feeling better today, still a little stuffy, but tonight I've got no husband at home, and a baseball practice to go to, so running will have to wait until tomorrow. With luck, I might make it a whole mile before I collapse... Tongue We all have our bad weeks, right?


        Thanks for starting the thread Obie! Gayle, hope you're enjoying your vacation! I had another week like last -- plenty of miles, but I didn't make it to the gym at all. . . . M -- 4.2 W -- 4.3 F -- 4.2 Su -- 7.35 -- I wasn't planning on running this far, but I was feeling great, so I just kept going. Total -- 20.1 Obie -- hope you have a good adjustment to One Hour Runner. Your mileage should start to climb, and that bunny will be in your sights soon! Michelle -- we were cross-posting. Hope you feel better soon!
          Another solid week 3-3-6-0-5-3-8, Long slow run in the park on Sunday was perfect weather and the right touch of coolness and sunshine. No odd pains or start of injuries, knock wood, but no colds, flu's or overuse injuries. Training going great another week gone and into week two of serious training. Anybody else have a great week?
            Su -- 7.35 -- I wasn't planning on running this far, but I was feeling great, so I just kept going.
            Isn't that an awesome feeling? I did that when I first got my iPod. I was running along, feeling more & more energized with every song that came on, and before I knew it, I had gone 4 miles. Before that, I was still around the 2.8-3.0 mile mark. I could have gone further, too, but I was doing a loop and was back home then. Dang it! Sounds like you had a great week though - congratulations!


            Maggie & Molly

              Mon ~~ 2 Tues ~~ 2 Wed ~~ 2 Thurs ~~ weight lifting Fri ~~ 1.5 Sat ~~ cross trained Sun ~~ off 7.5 total not my best week but at least I'm moving.

               "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
              Wisdom of Confucius

              HF 4363

                16th - 2.06 18th - 5.1 19th - 1.03 It's an increase over the previous week, so I'll take it. Goal for coming week is 10 miles.