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June 29th - Weekly Check-In (Read 178 times)

    Hello. I've put a few miles on but have been spinning my wheels. I've tried a few walk/runs, but am not back to running yet. Heavy Sigh. Good news is though I went for a 15 mile bike ride and Sat. with no pain. So guess I might be going back to biking for a bit. Roll eyes How's everyone else doing? Teresa, are you back on the road? Tomorrow starts a new week so let's keep it going! Gayle \

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      I'm glad you're biking, Gayle! 15 miles is good! I ran one mile on our local high school track yesterday - a Y trainer recommended it because the surface is really nice. That felt OK, so I'm going back tomorrow to try two miles. My PT said it's fine to try for that distance, but I have to stop if I feel any discomfort at all. Have a good week!
        I had a very good week this week. It's been hot so I've been slower than normal. My long run felt awful, but I needed a long run since I hadn't had a long run in a long time. Roll eyes Here's how it shakes out: Mon: a date so no running. Big grin Tues: Pilates then 5 miles Wed: about 5 miles Thursday: 3.72 miles Friday: rest Saturday: 11 miles in the heat and humidity - yuck! Sunday: 5.15 miles in the rain - fun! Total = 30 miles. Have a good week - I'll be celebrating Canada Day on Tuesday and to all you American runners - enjoy your July 4th holiday! Cool

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          Happy new week! I did get my slow start, but made up for it some: W -- 5 miles F -- 5.3 miles Su -- 7.4 miles Total: 17.7 I did manage to skip both of my planned gym workout days, though. I really shouldn't make a habit of that. My run this morning was a trail run. 7.4 miles on a trail: in a way it feels like 5 miles on a road, because it's softer, but then in another way it feels like 9 miles, because, oy, the hills! It's my own fault for picking a loop that had me going out on a trail called "Stream" something, and back on a trail called "Ridge" something. Obviously with names like that, the part connecting those two is going to be a doozy! Clowning around And I knew it would be, so was expecting a hill, but, still, it kicked me around some. Gayle and Teresa -- nice to see those bars on your graphs again! Gayle, I hope it gets better for you soon, and Teresa, good luck on the track. Philip -- you had a good week! Matt -- you're making up for things this week, it looks like. Way to go! Obie -- you had a good consistent week despite the smoke we're dealing with here. Can't wait to be able to see the skyline again. And Happy Pride Weekend!
            Good week again this week, I needed the consistency before I start HM training in 2 weeks. M - off T - off W - 4.2 tempo Th - 5.1 easy F - 3.7 easy S - 7.5 long Su - 5.1 stroller, took my 5 month old daughter for her first run and she loved it. Next week should be easy, with a 4 mile race on Friday then HM training starts on 7/7. Gayle/Theresa - good to hear you are keeping active, hope you are back to logging miles soon. Anne - good job on the trail run, I wish I had some trails closer to me to run on. Ruth - nice week Ruth and happy Canada Day!
              M-nothing T-2.56 W-nothing R-2.20 F-nothing Sa-3.01 Su-nothing slacker of a week at 7.77 miles. Oh, well. i was going to run yesterday, but the two hour bike ride made me too tired. Surprising, i know.
                Cry Ouch, the injury bunny bit me! After last weekends 1/2 marathon I noticed a litte twinge in my left hip flexor (groin) area. I though I might just been a little sore because I ran hard during some down hills. by this Saturday I was limping around the house in pain. I managed to get in a solid 28, but I have to rest and heal up. I'm not too sure how long this will take, but running injury free takes as long as it takes. I will be watching from the sidelines for at least a few weeks. Good luck to everyone, I unfortunately will be doing some cross training and weights. Ruth nice week! Teresa and Gale I guess if you put all our parts together we could make one healthy runner! I hate being broken, but I have a goal and a few week delay will not impact my training by too much. Karl
                  Hi all, this is my first sign in. I feel really good about the miles I put on this week. My running is summed up below: Monday 2.5 Miles Wednesday 2.5 Miles Saturday (1st long run) 5 Miles - average 14:10 min/mile Good work everyone!

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                    Karl, sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you recover quickly! I made it 2 miles on the track this morning and it felt OK. I'll see what they say at PT tomorrow. Cindy, welcome! Good job on the running!
                      I ended up taking the weekend off running because of the smoke in Northern California. That, and I'm having a hard time emotionally right now-- serious girlfriend moving away to take a job, I'm leaving my job and starting school... Transition is hard for me, and I've been very anxious. But I managed: Mon: 3.01 Wed: 3.31 Total: 6.32 Yesterday I got back out there for an easy 30 minutes and lo and behold, it really helped my mental state. I need to remember that--even when everything else is swirling, I can go out and take an easy run and my body will be there for me. Have a good week, everyone! (And Anne, where was the trail? Up in Strawberry Canyon? In Redwoods?)

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                        Obie, I'm glad your run helped. DD10 has started to get a little more...emotional, shall we say, and I've already discovered that a run really helps her mood. PT guy said that my ankle looks much better. He thinks I may be back up to my mileage (11 miles for long run) in a month! That seems hard to believe, but I'll be happy if I improve even half that quickly. He did say that for now, I can't run two days in a row, so that sucks. One day at a time!!!