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Back from Vaca (Read 150 times)

    We made it back home last yesterday from our month and a half trip to Alaska. I started off strong, but there were several factors that made the running hard at times. 1) no shower guarantee 2) bear country 3) chest cold 4) bugs But, here are my vaca stats: week 1) 24.6 miles week 2) 18.1 week 3) 12.0 week 4) 18.3 week 5) 12.8 week 6) 3.8 week 7) 7.5 oh, here's a pic of me at Denali. If you're really bored, check out all 2000 pix at www.teamcharm.com --you need google earth. Anya in Denali

    - Anya

    One day at a time

      Welcome home, Anya! Sounds like a great trip. Good job on keeping up with your running! I've heard the bugs are awful. DH lived in Alaska for four years, and he says we'll have to get out there at some point. Good luck readjusting to the real world!
        Hello, Anya! *waves* Nice to see you back and nice to see you have kept your running up! I'm impressed! Big grin

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          Welcome back! Looks like you did really well considering the challenges!
            WOW considering you were on vacation and your location to get any running in is great!! You did awesome!! Welcome back!!!


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              Thanks all! I just read a young lady was attacked by a bear in Banff ( Canadian Rockies, we stopped there in route to AK) I ran there, not on the exact trail, but close to it. It's scary to run in bear country. They say NEVER run from a bear. But, what if you're running to start with? That really freaked me out. But, a lot of people live in bear country and deal with it all the time, with no problems. Glad to be home! Have a great week!

              - Anya