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July 6 -- Weekly Check-In (Read 158 times)

    Gayle -- I saw no miles for you again last week. Sad Hope you're back at it soon! I do appreciate the weekly check-ins, so thought I'd start the thread. Roll call! I had a good week: M -- 4.2 easy T -- gym/weights W -- 6.4 again working on a mid-long for mid-week Th -- off F -- 4.3 easy, and a little at-home resistance training Sa -- off, but ran some errands on the bike with the kid in the trailer. That's a workout! Su -- 8.25. Definitely counts as long. Total: 23.2, new record! I'm becoming a bit more dependent on ice for my knee and hip . . . . Wondering if at some point I shoud try to go see someone about this. Nothing limiting at all, or even qualifying as "painful," but just some familiar soreness. Looking forward to hearing how everyone's week was! Teresa, looks like you're getting some miles in again. Obie, hope that life is smoothing out for you. It's certainly true that when the going gets hard, there's nothing like going out and doing something that reminds you of your strength. Hang in there! Ruth, hope your long run was better this week. Philip, I log stalked on your race, and congrats!!! Look how far you've come since just April!
      I had a good week, my last week before HM training and a race on Friday. M - off T - 4.4 interval W - 3.9 easy Th - off F - 4 race, 0.6 w/u (31:13, better then I had hoped, but disappointed in getting held up by a lot of runners in the first half mile or so.) S - off Su - 4.7 easy Total - 17.6 miles Good job on the new weekly mileage Anne, just be careful of those aches and pains so you don't end up on the bench.
        Thanks for asking, Anne. I'm doing much better. And back on track with running. They're probably related, of course. Smile I hope your joints hang in there. Monday: 2.16 Wednesday: 3.16 Friday: 4.43 Total: 9.75 miles Also did two shortish bike rides. This week, dangit, I'm going to get back into the double digits.

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          Way to go Anne on your new record! Thanks for starting the thread. Had a nice 30 mile week due to a holiday on Tuesday. Monday off Tuesday 11 miles - great long run Wednesday - went out for short run and ended up running my fastest 5k ever Thursday - out Friday - Fast 5.5 km (ran home from work for the first time - cool!) Saturday - 9.88 miles Sunday - quick 5 km. It's hard to believe I could enjoy running more than I did before but I am starting to enjoy it even more now that I'm doing longer runs. Confused

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            Last week: ZERO! Was pain free by friday, but took the weekend off. Ran three miles yesterday really slow, and plan to do 2 today even slower. No pain Just a quick note today work is bussy! Laters
              Oh, let's see... M--bike ride T--2.99 miles W--off due to thunderstorms and sleepiness R--3.08 miles F--off for travel Sa--sick Su--2.2 miles 8.27 miles. i'm planning on more this week. This week my running goes to run seven minutes, walk three minutes three times. Getting closer...
                Hello, all. Looks like some of us got some running and workouts in. Big grin I have had family here since last Thurs. My workouts consisted of activity planner, chief cook and bottle washer. Tongue Had a good time with family. I'm going to try and run again this week. Maybe a week off without fretting about it did me some good? Well see. Blush

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