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March 30th Check-In (Read 278 times)

    Thought I would start something since we haven't heard from Gayle, hope everything is going well for you, I did notice she got some miles in last week though. Another good week here, should be catching that bunny real soon! M- off T - 4 easy W - off Th - 5.9 easy F - 4 easy S - 10.1 long Su - 3.6 easy Total - 27.6 miles Legs got a bit tired on my Sunday run so I may have to back off some this week. How did everyone else do?

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      Another good week for me, so I'm definitely gaining on that bunny. Last week was a cut back week for me, since I've been building a lot lately. I still got in 17.62 miles for the week, Ended up with 88 miles for the month which is an all time high!

      Maggie & Molly

        Not necessarily gaining on the bunny but I'm no longer standing still. I'm at least getting 10 or so miles a week and it will get better from there I'm sure. {{{{{Gayle}}}}} I hope things are ok with your Dad...

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          The bunny's still gaining on me, but at least not as quickly. I've held over 8 mpw for 6 weeks now, and am slowly increasing. Got an appointment on Thursday with the podiatrist... gonna finally see if I can get this foot problem fixed! Hugs to you, Gayle!

          Roads were made for journeys...

            Hey Everyone Well it's been a really rough couple of weeks. Ended up with an ab strain at the insertion at my hip then only made it worse by getting a horrible cold which in turn ended up with a sinus infection. Infection is feeling better and hip is a little sore after 3.5miles on the TM.


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              Well running-wise it was a low week for me. I started to feel some slight pain in my shins and decided to skip some days to prevent it evolving. However I had a very good HM on skates in Bratislava on Sunday, see my blog for a detailed story (http://gaborkmetyko.blogspot.com).