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Feb 1st - Weekly Check-In (Read 362 times)

    Hello, everyone....How did the week go? I did better then last week, but not what I was planning on doing. The ice storm really got me. Spending two nights in a motel room and not being able to get outside really messed up my plans. Did anyone else get that ice storm. YUCK! I'm SO ready for Spring! Mon - 3 easy in light rain....beginning of ice storm Roll eyes Fri - ran stairs inside building....5 floors for 45 mins. (2.5 miles????) Sat - 4 Run/Walk - Run on dry pavement/Walk on wet or slushy Sun - 3.5 - Run/Walk - Run on dry pavement/Walk on wet or slushy Next week I hope to do better. I'm feeling a bit of pressure with that 10 mile coming up in April. Roll eyes Cherrie, hope you are doing? Wearing a heart monitor? Janell, Treadmill? Are you now a running fool indoors? How did the TDK go with no jumping? Vicki, you doing ok? Do you have a date yet? Slow Joe, Ginny, Jill, kilo.....how did your week go?

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      I had a good week, my treadmill only shut off while I was running 1x. And I did get outside today. I ran 2 miles to boot camp class, did the class and ran home (slowly). I am hoping to break out the running stroller tomorrow and do 4 outside! Have a great week everyone!

      Bring it on.

        I got my treadmill. At 6 am Friday morning. Roll eyes *yawns* It took 2 hours to put together, but it's working great. Smile Fool? Yep. Running fool? Not so sure. Been trying out the different programs on it, but I've not had time to do anything much. Maybe tomorrow. Or later... *yawns* I'm tired. Sleepy I didn't get to tkd this week because I was having to work. I don't get to go to tkd next week because of work one day and being out of town the other. The teacher/students might think I've forgotten about them / blown them off! *sigh* I'll have to talk with them as soon as I can get there!!! Cutting a hole in the ball of my insole has helped tremendously. The problem's still there, but it's not crippling me with having to be on my feet all day. Next week? I don't even know. Haven't been able to think that far. ... It's time for bed!!!

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        Slow Joe

          Hello everyone............... I live in Southern California, so the weather isn't an issue with me. It's been 80+ degrees for the last couple of weeks. I had a good week.............. I was able to put in 14 miles. I still run slower than a lot of walkers, but for now that's the best I can do. It is so embarassing having walkers pass you by when you're trying to run..... Embarrassed Mon- 1.25 Tue.- 1.25 Wed. 1.5 Thur. 2.5 Fri. 2.5 Sat. 2.5 Sun. 2.5 There's only 20 members ahead of the bunny, come on people let's put that bunny in last place.

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            I had a crappy week for various reasons and only eeked out about 12 in total and in two days over the weekend. Tongue This week is already shaping up to be better.


              Hi everyone, I finally got my surgery date. March 3. Today it wasn't hurting much so I thought maybe I don't need surgery. Then came home & did Wii Exercise. Did planks & other things putting weight on my hand. Now it really hurts. Just a reminder to me that I need to get it done I guess. Ran 4.2 yesterday. My plan was to run every day this month but it rained all day here & pouring when I got home. Very unusual for Florida to rain all day. I tried to use my treadmill for the first time since we moved 8 months ago. We must have done something to it during the move because it wouldn't work. At least I tried. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold for here but I'll run anyway. i haven't looked where I'm at with the bunny. I didn't run much the last week of Jan. Everyone have a good week!! Stay warm. Vicki
                Hi everyone, well I had 3 days desgnated to run last week, but could use only 2 due to work. So I bagged 2*8 km only, which is way below my target. The last week marked the last days of my pre-season, as with Feb 1. I entered my Base 1 phase. That means I should do as much LSD as I can - ie long, slow distances, keeping intensity low but increase duration, all the time below aerobic threshold. That goes for 4 weeks, the last 2 weeks of Base 1 should include 15-30 min threshold intervals, only a wee bit higher than aerobic limit. Whooaaa I sound very scientific Big grinBig grin

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                  Hi everyone! I'm back after a 2 week break and still hope to catch that bunny - I'm not giving up this early in the year. I did an easy 2 miles this morning - my first run since Jan 16 and it felt good.

                  Maggie & Molly

                    I'm here - three miles last night on the torture machine Big grin. My dr has me on a new asthma med and wants me to try my workouts without using my albuteral first - I'm doing it but it is tough. Not sure if it is a true 'struggle' or a mind struggle but I'm getting there. Time ~~ Yep, did the heart holter thing and the next day was an echocardiogram - now I wait to see the Dr at the end of the month - oh the drama!! Sorry you weren't able to get in the miles you wanted. Winter so needs to be over already. It is snowing and windy as all get out here right now.

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                      I had a good week.............. I was able to put in 14 miles. I still run slower than a lot of walkers, but for now that's the best I can do. It is so embarassing having walkers pass you by when you're trying to run..... Embarrassed
                      Been there, done that. It gets better, really.

                      Roads were made for journeys...

                      Slow Joe

                        Been there, done that. It gets better, really.
                        I'm already seeing some improvement, I ran a 14mm today. I started out at 18:30 MM...............Still have a long ways to go ,but I am a very patient person. Vkay...wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery.................. It's a shame that we have 63 members on this group and ony a handful even bother to post.