1000Km-621 mile club


Less than 100 mi to go!!! (Read 231 times)


    Lets keep on keeping on, gang. Congrats to those finished or about to finished. And may tailwinds guide the rest of us home. Big grin
    That your knees never hurt, that your feet never ache, that the wind always be at your back, and a stiff drink ever await your return.
      just about a week to go for me now i think. hopefully next sundays long run will take me past the 1000k mark. run well everyone, the finish marker is in sight
        I've got 204 left....Just got new shoes yesterday (New Balance 755's) and hoping to make every week count for the rest of the year... Big grin
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          I should have it this week as well!! I have a HM on Saturday that should put me over the top. Congrats to all!
            i made it! and i see you did too rollo. congratulations Smile hope your HM went well
              Thanks and Congrats to you as well! The HM went GREAT! My quickest mile was the 12th. I am still learning these things, I think I left a lot out on the course as far as energy goes..... It was much better than my first one though.
                I'm under a 100 now, too. I'm not really running all that much, but, I feel great when I do. Congrats to the new finishers!!