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well since you asked... (Read 123 times)

    Gayle asked about the wedding in the weekly update but I figured I'd make my own topic. Anyway, wedding and the honeymoon were fantastic! We went to Eleuthera, an out-island of the Bahamas. It was gorgeous...definitely not a touristy-y place at all which was exactly what we were looking for. We spent the week beach-ing, snorkeling, fishing, eating and drinking. Absolutely fabulous Big grin Here's a few pics: Wedding: Honeymoon: and I finally got out for a run today...my log looks ridiculous. haha oh well.
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      Thanks so much for posting your pics! Very nice..you to look so happy and the beach looks WONDERFUL! I've never even heard of Eleuthera, an out-island of the Bahamas...... Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Spending the week "beach-ing, snorkeling, fishing, eating and drinking." Sound like the PERFECT honeymoon! Big grin Big grin Big grin

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        Oh, thank you for sharing! You look so happy, and the beach looks perfect! Congratulations!!