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Injury (Read 258 times)

    Crap, now I am dealing with a sore right foot and ankle. One thing after another it seems. Oh well I know better than to try and run 2 days in a row. My stupidity. Taking off a couple of days. Hope everyone else has good runs this week and had good one last weekend. Corrina
      Ok decided I have given my foot enough time. WRONG. Went for an easy treadmill run and had to stop at 1 mile due to pain in my ankle and the ball of my foot. So I am now icing and elevating. Not a happy runner here. Angry
        I'm so sorry to hear this! Cry Take it easy and don't hurt yourself more! It's hard and tough.......

        "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble

          Take it easy and evade a long injury. You may try some bike or swimming if you really miss the miles...
            Thanks guys, I think I am going to bring my bike in and set up the windtrainer. That and get going on my core workouts. That should help and keep me a bit sane. Happy running to all.