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    Update....Dad was out of surgery and back into ICU by 5:30. They let Mom and my brother in for a quick look see and then told them to go to supper and he should be partly awake by the time they get back. Mom said Dad's color and breathing were good. She said the doctor confused her but the overall feeling was surgery went well. We'll know from the tests in several days what stage the cancer is/was and what the next step should be. Or maybe the surgeon already has a good idea, but Mom is confused. I'm planning on traveling home on Thurs and staying at least through the weekend. My brother and/or my SIL will stay with Mom at the motel until I can get home. Thanks, everyone. Gayle

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      It is confusing. Something your mom can do to help with that confusion is to write down a list of questions as she thinks of them. That way, when she sees the doctor next, she can ask. She can also ask his nurse some of the questions, but the big ones like "what should we do next" need to go through the docs. {{{Gayle}}} Have a safe trip.

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        {{{{{Gayle}}}}} another idea to help your mom with the dr details is to try to have someone a bit further from it - a friend, etc that can be her ears while meeting with them. Also taking a note pad and writing things down is helpful. I'll be thinking of your family

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          Gayle, This is one of the toughest times. I agree with having a friend go with your mom and take notes and take a list of questions. I went through cancer with my mom and it is just so overwhelming to be talking about that you don't hear everything and ask all the questions. Having someone there who is a bit less involved makes it easier later.
            Gayle I have you and your family in my prayers. I have gone through cancer with my mother and like others have said making sure there is a second pair of ears when talking with the doctors is always a good idea. Hope all is going well for you


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