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Nov 9th - Weekly Check-In (Read 137 times)

    How's everyone doing this week? Weather? It as nice here until Sat...then COLD and Windy! Brrrrr... Mon - 2.5 Miles - Jog/Walk with friend Tues - Off Wed - 1 Mile - Jog/Walk - didn't feel good.....shut it down Thur - 3 Miles - Easy Run Fri - 2 Miles - Easy Run Sat - 5K - Race (with warm up and down) Total - 13 Miles Finally! A double digit week! Woo Hoo! And the race wasn't half bad except for the cold. I hurt in the race but it was an out of shape hurt not an injury hurt! Yeah! ikers, - ewwww! Hope your sinuses are feeling better..... Phil, running getting back to it? Jennifer - send some of those runs my way... Big grin

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      Decent week, planned on running 5 days this week, but missed Sunday due to yard work (damn leaves) and spending some time with friends and family. M - off T - 3.5 easy W- 3.3 easy Th - off F - 4.5 w/ jogging stroller S - 3.2 w/ jogging stroller Su- off Total - 14.5 miles Depending on how I feel this week I may get in 6 runs, going out for a run tonight instead of taking off. It should be ok since I missed yesterdays run. Glad to see you in double digits Gayle, looks like you may be able to catch the rabbit on the line.
        Well - bupkus again last week do to pretty nasty ankle sprain from last month. I did this last year around this time with the opposite ankle...this time I took a full month off up front. I started back today - got a mile in with no problems. So now it is just rebuilding lost endurance again. No way I will make 1000k this year - over 400 miles in 6 weeks...lmao. Well, next year hopefully. Maybe I can at least hit 250 by the end of this year.
          Once again had a really good run. This time I was on the treadmill and watching Biggest Loser. I think I am really going to enjoy having my own treadmill for the winter. It really make for no excuses to get my run in since there is still the option of outside when it's nice and the Treadmill that there is no time limit or others waiting for. Now the decision is do I do 5 miles tonight or 3. The weather here just turned yucky!! I guess we have to admit that winter is here.


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