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May 18th - Weekly Check-In (Read 192 times)

    How's everyone doing? It's finally WARM! So is everyone bunny hunting? My week - Mon - 3.07 - tired but was suppose to rain in Tues Tues - 4.01 - stubbled and pull groin muscle trying to catch myself; no rain Wed - Day off - Rain Thurs - 3.35 - Cooler - nice Fri - 3.05 - Humid....nice and sweaty Sat. - 3.03 - Ran with running partner. Nice! Sun - 6.01 - Long run; groin muscle still hurts Weekly: 22.5 - Biggest week yet! Big grin I have a 10K race on June 7th. I hope the groin muscle heals before then. Roll eyes If it's not one injury it's another. LOL Ruth, I just notice you new profile picture. NICE! Looks like you had a good time. Anne, I'm nipping on your heels. Wink See everyone later. Gayle

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      It feels like it's been a tough week Ran 23.2 miles this week but I'd like to increase. Unfortunately, I don't have any races planned so its hard to get motivated. Today was my longest run ever - started in warmth and sunshine and ended in pouring rain! I was happy that I was dressed for it. Thanks Gayle, I had a blast at the race in my profile. Of course, it's a finisher's medal I have around my neck, but still feels good. It was my first 10k and was flat / downhill most of the way. Fantastic!

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        Had a good week. M - off T - 3.3 easy W - 4.8 easy Th - 3.2 easy F - off S - 4.9 moderate Su - 7.7 long Total - 23.9 miles My Sunday run was my longest since having foot surgery last April, so it is nice to be able to start running longer again without any swelling problems. If all continues as is I should have a great, for me, HM in the fall.

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          I am catching that darned old bunny. I really don't see any problems doing that. I am averaging a little more than what is required but I started out using this site the second week of Feb so I was a little behind from the start. Mon - off Tues - 4.5 miles Wed - 2 miles (strength training day) Thurs - 4.12 miles Fri - off Sat - off Sun - 8.50 miles


            Another good week. I felt a little flat and I really had to push myself out the door on Sunday! Mon- 3.25 Tues-3.25 Wed-6.3 Thur-3.25 Fri-6.25 Sat-OFF Sun- 11 = 33.3 Longest week of the year, definately not my best in terms of feeling good. I think I was running a little dry and have to start drinking more water during the day and not just after a run. Looks like everyone so far had a good week. Summer is almost here!!!

              Weekly total: 24 miles. The week went sort of like this... Mon- 3.4 miles Tues - 7 miles (longest run in almost 6 months) Wed - 4 miles Thurs - Well, I was going running, but while on my way to pick up my running buddy the brakes on my car decided that they wouldn't work right. Long story short, my car ended up getting towed. Fri - Off (I was lazy after all the excitement from getting my car towed, talking to all the various people etc...the day before) Sat -5.6 miles Sun - 4 miles I'm hoping to do more next week, hopefully the weather will improve to make me want to run (as today it's rainy and windy - it's the wind that is bothering me).
                A good week for me. Tues: 2.5 mi Thurs: 2.65 mi Sat: 3.64 mi-- another distance record for me Total: 8.79 miles

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                  Way to go on the distance record, Obie! My week - Sunday - 5.4 miles (included a5k race) Monday - 5.0 Tuesday - 10.5 (distance PR for me) Friday - 5.1 Saturday - 6.3 Total - 32.3 miles, a weekly PR for me. Trying to get up to 35 mpw, but those last few miles are challenging!


                    Last week - Monday - 4 miles. Angry I managed to get a nasty 3-inch long 1/2-inch wide scrape on my right foot, from the ankle bone to the heel. Tried to HTFU and only made it worse. So... it's been a week since I've run and I'm shocked at how much I'm missing it. I look at the hamster on his wheel... and get jealous. Hopefully I'lll be back on the treadmill soon, barefoot if need be.
                      Way to go on the distance record, Obie! My week - Sunday - 5.4 miles (included a5k race) Monday - 5.0 Tuesday - 10.5 (distance PR for me) Friday - 5.1 Saturday - 6.3 Total - 32.3 miles, a weekly PR for me. Trying to get up to 35 mpw, but those last few miles are challenging!
                      Great job ! It's hard to fit in all those miles!!! I made my 20. So, I'm cool with that. Good job everyone !

                      - Anya

                        Teresa, thanks. Nice job to you! You're tearing it up out there.

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                          3 miles last week for me. Was aiming to get out the door everyday but next thing I knew, it was Saturday and I hadn't made it once. Oops! So far this week is going better, so here's hoping... Big grin
                            Looks like great weeks for lots of people! Obie aren't you looking forward to that nice round 5 miler?? I can't wait to hit that distance and then on ward Smile Anyway I had sort of a lame week. T 1.86 Fri 2.6 My lovely piriformis issue is rearing it's head again, I think because I sprinted across a busy road on Friday. My chiropractor says it's probably ok to run through it...going to have him adjust me and hopefully get things realigned and work it out with stretching and more strength work.
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