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April 2012 - Spring or Summer? (Read 249 times)

    Hello, everyone.....how's it going?  Running strong? Injured?  Anything special going on?


    I finished my 2nd 1/2 marathon of the year and it did not at all go the way I pictured it.  Dead  I dehydrated and over heated and really struggled with being sick.  Ugh!  So I'm struggling to get it back together and try it again in 30 days.  I would like to see more spring like weather and not right into the 80s.  I know I would really be looking forward to 80's in July and Aug, but at the end of March and beginning of April?   Really?

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    Team 9 from Outer Space

      Gayle, sorry it didn't go the way you planned. Take it as a lesson on hydration and next race you'll be stronger. (And I wish I could hit that sort of half time!)


      I'm having an interesting time with running. My paces have suddenly dropped; I never used to run anything under 11mm and now I'm finding that easy which is funny. I set a new PR in a 6K last month (never had an average pace under 10mm for any race) so feeling good on that too. Weather-wise, we are getting decent temps but the 50kph and gusting to 70kph wind seems to be a pretty common thing the last few weeks. Maybe that makes me stronger, but a low wind day seems to be 35 to 45kph wind. Tired of that!

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      Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

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        Yeah, 80s when you've acclimated still suck...but in March--no way!  I'm glad you didn't end up more seriously ill.  That can be scary stuff.


        My running is going well, though I'm not getting on the bike as much as I'd like to be--that's probably for the best.  Running is really my focus until mid-May.  I just can't make myself do more than 2 hours when it's much below 60 or so.  I hate having to bundle up to do a bike ride.  Running is so much easier this time of the year.

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          Gayle: sorry to hear your half wasn't what you'd like. Hopefully your next one will be the pleasant experience you'd like. Halfs are truly not my distance to "race". Training usually is pleasant and easy, but something always goes wrong in a race. Unlike other distances.


          I had a slow start of the year. Last week was my highest mileage week of the year, a whopping 24.5 kilometers Wink And last month was my highest mileage month of the year: 42.2 kilometers. Before I returned to school, I used to run more than that in a week! Choices, choices...

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            somehow I totally missed this.  Gayle, I'm sorry your half didn't go as planned.  There will be other, better races to run, I'm sure. 

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              Gayle bummer that your half did not go as planned!!  But at least there were lessons for next time.


              I am ramping up the mileage for my Half marathon in June.  It should be a great time had by all.  This weekend we have the Minneapolis Susan G Race for the cure.  Dad and I will do the run and then circle back and walk with the rest of the family.  We have a great weekend planned.


              Happy running to all


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