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José Pedro - Dec 9th (Read 147 times)

    José, great job!  You finished.....you completed your goal even with all the turmoil your life has had this year.  I'm proud of you!

    "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble

    Maggie & Molly

      I am so happy for you Jose.

       "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
      Wisdom of Confucius

      HF 4363

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Nice work--and with time to spare, too!

        '17 Goals:

        • Chemo

        • Chemo-Radiation

        • Surgery

        • Return to kicking my own ass by 2018

          Thanks so much, all of you.


          Last year, this was a joyful moment. This year, not that much. 


          Still, good to have friends like you. Grateful for the kind words of incentive you all had for me, Gayle, Cheryl and Kirsten. 


          ThankYou, again. Smile