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Mission Accomplished (Read 230 times)

    I reached my 1000 miles Saturday on my 13.1 mile run!!! It was a great feeling. When I started this running thing, I never thought it would turn in to the obsession its has become. I can remember growing up overweight and hating running. Now after losing over 60 pounds a few years ago and now in the best shape of my life, I can't imagine my life without running. Thanks to all that are on this site giving encouragement to everyone!!!
      Congrats, WTG. It is amazing how addictive this running thing can be.... JR

        Nice Job, I get upset and just dont feel right when I miss one of my runs. 60 pounds is impressive.
        5/4/2008 Eugene Marathon "The Journey of 1000 Miles Starts With a Single Step" Tvccrunner1@aol.com
          Thanks, I told myself that until the end of the month I would take it easy to rest for my first 1/2 marathon training that starts the last week of Dec. Um.... that did not go so well. Had to do a 4 mile tempo run yesterday!!!! Dang addiction.