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I think I'm gonna do it! (Read 621 times)

    I started the year run with minimal miles between last September and December.  I had a horrible bout with plantar fasciitis.


    I had no goals beginning of 2009, purposefully.  I just wanted to be able to run.


    This September, I realized that I was catching up with the bunny.  I realized I might make it.


    Now, I'm not too far behind.  I only need to do 23 or so miles per week for the rest of the year to catch that rabbit. 


    After having been behind him every day this year...  I might not catch him until December 31, but...  I think I'm gonna do it.


    Fingers crossed.


      Congratulations!  It's nice to be injury free, and exciting to exceed your expectations for running this year.


      And also--like your reading list!

        Why thank you on the reading list.  It's quite...  varied?  to say the least. 

          Good for you.  Hope the rest of your runs go good for this year.


          I was injured this year and was down for a whole month and a half.  I'm still just over 100 miles behind the bunny, but am slowly catching up.  I managed to run 140.6 in October, so if I can keep that up (not sure I can yet) then I also have a chance of beating the bunny. 



            16 miles behind the bunny!
              Twelve miles behind the rabbit.  I think this is the closest I've been to the rabbit since the first week in January.
                Ten miles behind the rabbit!  Ugh, I forgot I have a week's vacation coming up here soon.

                  Eight miles behind the rabbit.


                  Kill the wabbit.  Kill the wabbit.

                    I beat the rabbit with 8 hours to spare. 

                    Lush Extraordinaire

                      Nice job!

                      5k - 23:30

                      10k - 49:00

                      Half - 1:48:34

                      Full - 4:01:28


                      Working toward hip nirvana.

                      I'm on the right

                        I beat the rabbit with 8 hours to spare. 

                        Congratulations!  Now, the problem with that rascally rabbit is that he starting running again in 8 hours!  What is your goal for next year? 

                        I'm Eric, the guy who runs to keep his sanity.

                          My goal for 2010 is to make the ski patrol.

                          Thanks for all the support.  What a great group of runners here.