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How many countries represented in your 1000? (Read 526 times)

    Ok, travelers....I am wrapping up an extended foreign work assignment (since Jan 06) in September, so in this year's 1000, I will have mileage from the following countries.... Austria (HM race!), Belgium, Italy, Romania (my work location), USA = 5 Countries! For those of you confined to your home country, how many states/provinces? For the USA, I have New York (parents) and South Carolina (home) = 2 States! How many countries/states do you have mileage included this year? Steve P.S. Also got a couple of bonus miles in international waters on a cruise ship near Greece. Big grin

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      I don't travel much. So far this year I've run in: PA, DE, NY, NJ, MD, VA DE was my half marathon. The rest were smaller races, or while on vacation.


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        So far just 2...MI and WI (my homestate...I was visiting my folks). If I ever get into marathoning I definitely want to do at least one abroad...Scotland should have some nice weather for running.... Smile k

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          Well Canada (Yukon, and Prince Edward Island next month) and USA And in USA...Alaska, Washington, California Arizona, and in October, Maryland and Virginia
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            2 - Canada, U.S. (South Carolina) Oh, and I have a little run in Columbus, OH planned for Oct. 21... Wink
              Just 2 - New Zealand and Australia
                Two countries so far - US and Qatar. In the US, so far Arizona, but by the end of the year I have planned to run in Nevada, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, DC, and Maryland
                  California, Arizona, Nevada
                  Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado

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                    Ontario, Canada (home) Bahamas Turks and Caicos USA Arizona Utah Florida Intl waters while stumbling on a cruise ship treadmill! Dave

                      I never thought we'd get Qatar checked off. Go Denise. I can contribute Copenhagen, Denmark and Paris, France. In the US, I've got runs logged here in Maryland as well as New York (Central Park!), and Delaware. In December I'll add Florida.

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                        Tennessee, Alabama, New Jersey...

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                          I've looked at my log, and 100% of my running this year has been in Pennsylvania. My one race took us right up to the NY border, but we didn't cross the river. After the chillen's are done with school (two decades from now), I'm going to be a 50-state marathoner, so I'll be seeing ya's around!

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                            Heh, I just noticed that I said 2...for some reason I was thinking states. Just one country, unfortunately. I'd so love to be able to claim lots of exotic destinations. Smile k

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                              California, Arizona, Florida, Mass, Conn, Tennessee, and Australia. So 6 states and 2 glorious weeks of beach runs in another country! Races in Tenn. and Cali only though. . . I've got to get to racing while I travel! Smile

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                                So far just three states...TN (my home state), MO (visiting in-laws), CT (vacation). But in 5 weeks and 4 days I'll be able to add IL to that list after I do the Chicago marathon

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