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    Hi All! I've been running since Dec07, which isn't very long. I completed C25K and ran my first 5K on 16March. I'm looking for motivation and advice as I'm hoping to add a day and a long run every week (after a few weeks). I'm a slow runner but I'm willing to put the miles. Cheers! Big grin

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      Congratulations. You are doing great. The thing that keeps me motivated is continuing to see improvements. Going out and running that same 4 mile loop faster than I did a month ago with less effort is encouraging. Patience is a key in distance running. I have been running consistently now for 4 years and (believe it or not) am beginning to finally feel like I'm getting in shape. You are very consistent with your running. You are probably at a level now where, instead of taking 2 days off between every run, try to run every other day. I wouldn't increase the length of any these runs for about 6-8 weeks and let your body adapt to this new stress before increasing the distance. After the 6-8 weeks of running every other day and you feel comfortable with that, take (1) of your 4 mile runs and turn it into a 6 miler. Then, if that goes ok, slowly add distance to that (1) run a week. Good luck, Tom

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        Welcome, Chickadee! Good to see you here. I started in October 2006 with C25K, so I know where you are! Increasing the number of days a week I run has made a HUGE difference. I don't feel "in shape" yet, but I can kind of visualize the concept now, if you know what I mean! One thing I did when I started adding days was to go very short on the new days - just a mile or so. That let my body know that something new was happening. It didn't take long until those short runs got as long as my other ones. I'm also cutting back my mileage every 3 or 4 weeks - that's why I don't have many miles logged this week, but last week was 28.6, a record for me. I'm a slow runner, too, but it doesn't matter!! Keep up the great work! Teresa
          Hey, no fair. You bumped me back a spot by jumping in directly ahead of me (you're currently 171 to my 172)! Big grin Seriously, though, welcome to the group! We both have some catching up to do to chase down the bunny, but, your goals of adding a day and a long run will get you there though.
          I'm a slow runner but I'm willing to put the miles.
          You are welcome to join our little group over at Back of the Packers too if you'd like... Lorrie


            Thanks for your support guys. I'll be ramping up next week. Actually, I was running every other day until softball season was back and one night was taken with practice. But since the season ended I haven't picked up the day again, but I will... Cool Sorry Lorrieg, I'm afraid we'll be bumping elbows more than once on our way to 1000 Miles Big grin so we might as well get used to seeing our names swap places often. I joined your group, thanks for asking. I'll go check it out!

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              Welcome to the club! Make sure you build up slowly so you don't get injured. A lot of what keeps me going is seeing the improvements that I make as others have said. I started low heart rate training in February and have made some pretty significant improvements in this short amount of time. I run the same course, same distance every week to gauge myself. I've taken about a minute and a half off of my overall pace in that time (you can see it in my Saturday 3 milers in my log). It's amazing what we can do!!!!
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