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    I am committed for 2008 to running 1,000 miles. As I considered this, I thought it would be fun to create a blog that tracks my progress, thoughts, feelings, and also incidental events along the way for this 1,000 journey. I love humor and this will certainly be a part of the entries. I am attempting to make suggestions, provide encouragement, and be a virtual running partner for those who want to follow along. I am going to provide pace bunnies (like ours here) for both the 1,000 and 500 mile goals. Feel free to stop in during the year; leave your thoughts, your comments, and your experiences. http://running1000milesinayear.blogspot.com/

      Thats a good idea, Ive considered doing a blog but I never know what to write. I like your site and am looking forward to watching your progress.
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        not a bad idea.. a great way to look at your progress in all aspects too. I might try one out too Smile I like yours so far
          Thanks for the comments and I know others have been reading the information here. It would be fun if a NUMBER of us all did blogs. That way we could share in the information and encourage each other. If you do start a blog, please let me know. I would be sure to check it out. In regards to what to write, I am going to try to vary it with both running information and also observations or incidents that happen along the way. Every time I get an idea for a future entry, I am writing it down for use down the road (pun intended).
            If you have not started running for your 1,000 miles yet for the year, it is still not too late. To reach 1,000 miles you have to average 2.74 miles a day. IF you started tomorrow, to reach that 1,000 miles a day, it is still only 2.82 miles a day to average. That is still not bad. So if this is message is meant for you and you still want to start. Join in. Good luck
              OK......this is actually a test in my own thread. However, it is related because this was a picture of me crossing the mile marker that gave me 1,000 miles in 2007. This was done on Christmas morning.
                Vista - I enjoyed checking out your blog. My blog is sort-of a catch all for all of my interests: mainly my running, garden design work, and mothering. I find having a link to my training log is good motivation for me -- even though I don't think anyone really checks it, the fact that they could keeps me logging the runs even when I want to skip one. When I was going back to running after having my son, it was super-helpful to read other moms' blogs for a llttle comraderie.

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                Yo tengo que soñar, asi nadie me va a parar, asi puedo volar.

                  Thanks for posting this. I have checked out your blog and will be following your progress!
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