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Yeah, back to running! (Read 248 times)

    Yeah! After 3 weeks of being sick I am back to running. Yes it was only 3 and took me a long time but hey I'm back and I hope I feel this good tomorrow so I can run the day after. Going to try 4 days of 3 miles or so before steping up the mileage a bit. I feel very happy to be back. I'm a ways behind the bunny but I'm going to do the slow and steady thing. Corrina

    One day at a time

      Way to go, Corrina! That's great news. Be sure not to overdo it!

      Husband and father of 4

        Welcome back to the rabbit race. Good to hear your enthusiasm. Smile
        Find the fun.

          Corrina, Welcome back. Before you know it you'll be leaving that bunny in the dust. Lu

          Go Pre!

            Way to go. I know how good it feels to get back after a layoff. It is so hard to be forced t stop....enjoy! Dave