1000 Mile Club


Dare I join?!? :o) (Read 204 times)

    Hello to everyone! I've debated whether or not I should join as I'm still tackling peroneal tendon issues. I figure the worst thing is I could go back to the bench and leave the group if needed, so I'm going for it with the positive attitude and hope that won't happen! I'm really looking forward to setting this goal for 2008 and running along side all of you! *WOOT*!! Big grin
      I've had peroneal tendonitis twice and it took 2 weeks (1 week rest, 1 week light running) to heal the first time, and about 6 weeks (1-2 weeks rest, 4 weeks light running) the second time. I wouldn't push it, but it couldn't hurt to still try for 1000 for 2008. You still have plenty of time! Just make sure you ease back into it when you heal up.