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    I was cruisin'. I had about two tenths of a mile to reach page 1. Then, my ankle started bugging me. That was about two weeks ago, and after trying to run through it for a week, I've been trying to stay off it. Tomorrow I'll give it a go again with a shorter run, and try to regain my momentum.

    One day at a time

      Do you think it's your achilles? That's what happened to me. You have to be VERY careful with that, because it can go from acute to chronic, not a good thing. Can you see a doctor and get some PT? That's very helpful. They told me it was a really good thing I stopped running on it as quickly as I did, or it could have been much worse. Good luck!!


        Ditto on the achilles. That was the injury that cost me nearly 6 weeks back in April. Be careful.

        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.



          So, I took a hard look to figure out what was going wrong. Then, by accident, I clicked the SHOES link and saw that I had more than 600 miles on my current ones. I have since gotten two new pairs of shoes. The ankle is getting better. It still nags me, but very little. Meantime, it permits me to run again.