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Should I run tomorrow? (Read 251 times)


    Yippee! I just passed the pace bunny, for the first time! By 1.2 miles. My only fear is that if I take tomorrow as a rest day, like I originally planned then he will end up in front of me again. Makes me want to run again tomorrow just to get some distance ahead of him even though I know I shouldn't. What do you guys think? Should I do a few easy miles tomorrow, or should I take that break? Lu

      I would say have a well earned rest - your long runs are good and long your weekly mileages are good, no need to push things, it is a marathon not a sprint Big grin but thats just my opinion. Nev

        Thanks for your opinion Nev, I've decided to stick to my schedule and take the day off tomorrow. That bunny's going to pass me again, but in a week or so I'll be far enough ahead of him not to worry. Then my next goal will be getting to page 2. Lu
          I agree with Nev. Afterall - what's the most he gains on you? One day won't hurt. You'll make that up easily in one good long run. Push it too hard, though, and you risk injury and being out longer - not worth it in my book.
            unless youre hurt, RUN!!!!!! Cool