1000 Mile Club


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    First I want and need to thank this group and all the members.  Without logging my runs and checking this group I'm not sure I would have made my goal.  It was very motivating to be part of the group and have many folks on board with the same goal in mind.  I tried to stay on the first page all year but failed during the summer when my mountain bike was begging to go on rides.


    2011 was a good base building running year for me.  As a mediocre x-c runner in high school it is tough to regain that past form and fitness.  I've moved past the frustrations and continue to move forward with goals like this.


    In 2011 I had a second goal of complete the Seacoast Series road races to score a running jacket:  http://www.proportsmouth.org/seacoastseries.cfm

    I completed the required 6 races.  One 10k, one 5 miler and four 5k's.  The 10k provided my 10k PR and the 5 miler was my best race of the year.  I also did a non-series 10k and bested my 2010 time on a tough weather day.


    The fun part is that I used my Seacoast series jacket on my goal matching run for 1003 miles so far this year.  YAY!  Good luck to everyone trying to log some more miles to hit their goal.


    I'm thinking 1200 for 2012 is my new goal.  100 miles a month.  What do you think?

      I think it's a lot! But, why not give it a shot?  I'm amazed that I've done 60 miles in 2 weeks.  If you make an effort, you can do it :-)

      - Anya

        I've added to my 2012 goal.  I signed up for the Sugarloaf Marathon in Maine on May 20th.  WOOOOOO!  The 18 week training program starts on Monday MLK day!