1000 Mile Club


Ok fuzz butt I plan to pass you this weekend! (Read 246 times)

    Ok here is my plan. I want to pass that damn bunny this eekend and I plan to run 5 today and at least 7 tomorrow. Right now he is 6 miles or so ahead of me and I am tired of playing catch up but not quite. Life has a nasty way of interfereing in plans so I want to try to stay ahead of the fuzzy guy. Now if the weather would just cooperate and the roads becomesafe again I can get of the treadmilll and get back outside. (The road crew are falling down on their job and the raods are polished glare ice. I don't trust the drivers!) I guess it will be another 5 on the hamster wheel. Roll eyes Corrina
      Well the plan did not exactly work out. Took a rest day today due to life. Plan to run tomorrow. May not pass the bunny but will be sneaking up on him. Corrina
        Just stay close to him. He's a diligent bugger in the winter but spring is coming!

        One day at a time

          At this second, I'm only 6.0 miles behind the bunny!! I can't believe it. I will catch him soon, I hope.