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    I'm trying to decide if I should run a marathon on March 3. It would be a great source of motivation to get my mileage up for the next few weeks, but on the other hand, I haven't been training for it. But on the other hand, I ran 1,000 miles last year, which means I can do anything. Plus, it would get me to raise my mileage way up so that when the real racing season starts in April with a 10 miler, I'll be way ready. On the other hand, I could burn out. Did I mention that I was born a siamese triplet, and that I have six hands? Seriously, I want to do this race. I don't think I'll be risking injury as long as I get my mileage up starting now (I did 7 this evening, so that's a good start). Waddya think?


      You really want to know what I think??? Because I really am a bit biased about you passing me but for lots of other reasons...Don't do it! 26 miles is a lot longer than 14 which you could probably do tomorrow....and I know you would feel that. If you want to get your mileage up (and pass me) just increase your long runs a lot or the time running alot and you'll be there. Is this an extra special marathon that you are dying to do? Can't you wait for this one for a year? How about we all run amarathon in May, now May you could get ready for. I really feel that you would regreat this...but hey...you are an adult and can make those adult decisions. Now I am going to look for a March marathon...why do I have to be so competitive?
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        I ran one in November and it was one of the best days of my life, I hope I'll never forget it. I'd run a couple of half marathons, and faithfully followed an established training plan (Galloway's run/walk "to finish) without missing a scheduled run. I actually completed the course (plus a bit of extra mileage, almost 28 miles due to a wrong turn) three weeks prior to the race. That's just about the timeframe you find yourself in now, and you are entering the typical low mileage pre-marathon taper period. The training plans are designed to establish aerobic fitness, and condition not just muscles but also ligaments and tendons and whatever else helps push us forward. The marathon is mentally challenging, but with approximately 1000 footfall per mile is also physically punishing and unforgiving. I certainly wouldn't say you couldn't do it, I ran mine with less than 700 miles in my training log for the year. I just think the odds are good that the day's experience would suck, and I would hate that. You're only a virgin once. Evil grin BadDawg does Manchester

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          I ran my first marathon last year on very low mileage, around 400 miles in 8 months time. My longest run was 15 miles. By the 20 mile mark in the race I told myself I would never run another. I'm scheduled for another one this May. I now run over 30 miles a week, 4 or 5 days a week. So what I'm saying is, go for it. If it's a good experience you'll be glad you did it. If it's a bad experience you'll go out and do it again, only this time you'll have a goal to beat, your last time. Thankfully we have short memories when it comes to our mistakes, and long memories when it comes to our victories. The saying on my road ID "Do it today, put no faith in tomorrow"
            I would think really hard about it...I normally say "Go for It", but March just doesnt leave you much time at all. You'lllprobably be able to finish, but not nearly in the time you'd likely expect. And, it will hurt. I did 4 marathons last year, and was very unprepared for the last 2. Yes, I was proud I finished them on very low mileage..but I was pissed at myself for not treating the marathon distance with more respect. That said, those experiences are motivating me not to have a repeat performance, and I have been kicking ass with my training for my May marathon.

              I ran a 30K race last sunday and I had not been training for that distance. So the first 20K were fine and the last 10K were awful. I decided not to run a distance that I haven't trained for anymore... bas

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                I think I'm going to sign up for the HM instead. I'm hoping to do NY in November, but if I don't make the cut, there are plenty of other options for a marathon in late October/early November, such as the Baltimore Marthon. Thanks to all the sound minds. Crabby, I'll still try to catch you, but maybe not so soon. Angry Incidentally, it's the B&A Trail Marathon and HM event, in case anybody else might be there. I'll be in my RA tech shirt.


                  I was thinking of doing the Baltimore marathon....they have a crab medal. I met Trishie there last Oct and it looked like a great time. I think the HM will be a great option...with trails...sounds fun...good luck
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                    Are you serious?????!!! Shocked No freaking way!!! Your mileage has been low for the past month at least. You're not ready. You're only going to be setting yourself up for disaster and injury. Now the half marathon, that may be more reasonable but, based on your mileage from your log for the past month, I wouldn't expect a PR out of it.
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                      Actually, I won't be doing the half, either. It filled up too quickly. But when I do run a HM this year, it will be a personal best. I can promise you that. (I've never run a HM before. Evil grin)