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Congratulations, Anne! (Read 366 times)

One day at a time

    I just noticed that you did it! Great job! What are you shooting for next year? I'm thinking about 2000K, but it scares me a little!
      Thanks Teresa! You're right behind! Hope you're settling in after that wonderful trip -- looks like you're getting some miles in again. I've been toying with the idea of 1500, but averaging 125/month would be a big jump. Though, 2000k, at least at my current rate, might not be giving me enough of a stretch goal. Although I should probably be more realistic about downtime, illness, injuries. After all, I've only been at my current rate, the rate that would make 2000k "easy" for a very short while. I'm betwixt and between I guess! I think my goal might actually be . . . a marathon. (shhh! I'm still on the fence! Wink)

      One day at a time

        You and I are pretty similar! We'll have to encouage each other in 2009! The idea of a marathon flits into my mind occasionally, but it leaves quickly! Shocked I think I want to do a few more HMs before I think about that. DH would probably have a cow if I brought it up! He still can't believe I go for 10-mile runs.