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Looking for help with my new group (Read 177 times)

    Hi all. After losing 3 months to 2 injuries in 2007, I've decided to create a new user group for running & biking in the hopes that it'll motivate myself and others to cross train this year. I've loved having the year-to-date distance totals and pace bunny to chase all year and was wondering if anyone could help me with something similar for the 1000 + 1000 group. If it's not possible to incorporate it directly through runningahead (since biking totals would be involved), is there a way to create a link in the group menu that takes you to an outside website instead? If anyone's able to help or point me in the right direction, I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks in advance! Oh, if it's easier you can email me directly at westward13@aol.com. Thanks again! Chris