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    Yet another new recruit to the 1000 mile challange. I have only been runnng since Octocber 07 but already cant imagine not running. I am currently running about 20 miles per week (3/4 runs) but would like to get to around 30 miles per week in 4/5 runs. I live in England and I am married with a daughter (Julia) and we are expecting another little girl in April so I really will need you lot to give me a hard time if I let the mileage slip when the little one arrives !! Looking at my year to date I need to do another 10 this week to catch the pace bunny so I better get to it! I look forward to sharing the highs and lows of this challange with you all. Take care Nev
      Welcome to the group Nev and congratulations on your future arrival in April!! Smile Sounds like you've caught "the bug". If you need some support, we're here for ya!

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        Hi Nev. Welcome and congratulations. I'm sure you'll make up any time you miss. I'm on child #4 and done, but I found a baby jogger really helped me stay in shape and even sane at times. Hang in there.
        Find the fun.

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          Welcom Nev! And congratulations! Big grin The jog strollers are the way to keep going, for sure. Just make sure you try them before you buy one; my friend's front wheel doesn't pivot! Very obnoxious to have to pull wheelies to turn. And some have adjustable handlbars - this helps a lot to change up you grip - or if taking turns pushng the kidlets during a run. Best of luck catching the bunny! -Sally
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            Thanks for the welcome folks, I have already got a cunning plan to keep the mileage up which will involve some runs at silly oclock in the morning (probably in between night feeds) . I recently went through a spell of insomnia and found that it is relly pleasant to run at 4.00 in the morning ! I have only recently discovered this part of the site but I hate that bunny already. Enjoy your runningl. Nev