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    Another one here--you know, I am feeling really good here. How can we apply for citizenship status?? ....or at least a green card??? grins, A
    Masters 2000 miles
      Count me in too! No log here as of yet since I'm still working on getting mine transferred over. Looking foward to starting towards 1000 in 2008! Rachel
        Fortunately, I downloaded my log right before the Active "transition". They apparently lost my log, because there was a another person with the same login and email as me. Imagine that. Roll eyes 2007 was bad- I'll hit perhaps 500 something. 2006 I came close to 1000. I feel good about 08 .
          Sorry - double post - so I'll change this one. Where's the delete?

          I run so I can eat...

            Hello all... Thought this would be a good incentive for me. I am trying for 20-25 per week. Planning on M training in June for an October M. Is there anything that I should keep in mind while participating?