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Six months down, six to go (Read 228 times)

    Well, I had to borrow a day by crossing the international date line but I managed to get to 500 miles before the end of June. I'd like to have more of a cushion but oh well. I'll give back the day when I go back to Japan later this month. Smile How's everyone else doing at the midway point of the year? (understanding that the last six months have a few more days than the first six)


      I've got 535 since 1/1/08 but better that that, I started running on 8/1/06 and yesterday I logged my 2000th mile!!! Every mile was outside on the pavement, getting up at 5:00AM to run before work but I'm not complaining, it feels great, you all know what I mean!!!

        I didn't quite make the 500 miles by the 30th of June, but I crossed that barrier today, only 2 days behind. Great job Jeremy... I don't think borrowing a day will hurt, you are right on target... Deputy, congrats on your 2000th mile... That's a good achievement... Lu

          This week is killing me. I did very limited speed work early in the week, and I've been mostly resting the past few days. I have a 1-mile race on Sunday. My official goal is to break 7 minutes, but I'm hoping to blow that target out of the water. So, I've been resting up this week--hopefully not too much. On Monday, I'll be back in stride. I'm beyond 500, so I could afford the break. Still, I've been getting my mileage up, and I want to stay there. Maybe I'll just run all day on Monday. Big grin