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    I want to come up with some ideas to help improve the group and thought it would help if I asked why you joined the group. I know the goal is to run 1000 miles, but did you join for friends, motivation, what?? I guess i will start out by saying that I joined because I actually came up with the idea to run 1000 miles before I found this group. I needed motivation and figured why not get it from other people with the same goal. I originally set the goal because I took a couple long breaks from running and that made me start getting fat and increasing my stress.
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      I joined both the 1000K and 1000 mile groups because I wasn't sure how long I would run this year. For me chasing the bunny helped with my motivation before I started using marathon training schedules. Now it's a fun little game to see how far I can go.

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        I've been using the RH site for a few years now. I came up with the idea running 1k miles by thinking "What if I ran 10 miles a week," and then "what if I ran 15/wk." I put together a spreadsheet and realized that 20/week would get me past 1,000. It seemed like a reach, but I decided to try it. I knew I'd need help, so I started looking online for support groups online. I had just about given up, when I asked myself what that Community tab on the RH site was. I found you guys, and you've been pushing me forward ever since. (Also, I joined to catch Crabby!)


          I joined to motivate me to run more. I was training for a marathon and thought this was the year to run 1000k. But then I started noticing how fun it was to move from page 4 to 3 to 2 and now...yes gig, I am on page 1. It really is a motivator to stay ahead or creep up on folks. The main point is, it keeps me running when maybe I would slack off. Running 20 miles/week is challenging. I don't know any of the folks using RA (well maybe one who lives in Juneau) but I find it interesting to post encouragement. Hey Gig I'm less than 2 marathons ahead now and I am not running today. But tomorrow I am planning on running 6.
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            Hooray, Crabby! Less than 2 marathons ahead of me, and but less than 5 from 1,000. I'll catch the PB in two weeks, and then, soon after, I'll meet you on Page 1.
              I joined last summer because I was just a little under the pace needed and I was looking for a boost. Thanks, all, for that!
                I joined because I made a half-hearted attempt at returning to the sport of running in 2006. After finding this site and entering my '06 workouts into the log, I discovered that I had run less than 200 miles all last year despite having some pretty lofty goals. When I found the 1000k and 1000 mile groups, I joined both because I too wasn't sure what 2007 would hold in store for me... but I knew that in order to reach my goals, logging the miles would be key... and what better way to help do it than to join a group of other individuals with the same goal in mind!