1000 Mile Club


WOW - 13 people at 950+!! (Read 294 times)

    I don't recall seeing such a large group about to cross the finish line! I guess we are hitting the fall marathons and a lot of training miles have been logged. I am scheduled to break 1,000 at mile 19 of the New York City Marathon on Nov. 2. It looks like I'll see a lot of you at the 1,000 mile mark (most of you before I get there). Keep up the good work everybody - and good luck!
    2010 Goals: Danbury Half Marathon: <1:42:00; boston="" run="" to="" remember:=""></1:42:00;><1:42:00; nyc="" marathon:=""></1:42:00;><3:45:00; finish: run amuck and warrior dash! finish:="" run="" amuck="" and="" warrior=""></3:45:00; finish: run amuck and warrior dash!>
      Good Luck at your marathon! Very cool to know that while your're running your 19th mile you can mentally check off your 1,000 mile goal! Keep workin' everyone!! Almost there! The bunny's getting Angry.
        Yeah, it's very cool to see -- that's quite a first page right now. You can almost see the marathons happening. Jay, have a great race!! Selfishly, I like it, because I'm on the verge of being on page 1 myself. Yes