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Moving up from the 1000 km group for 2008! (Read 185 times)

    Had a great year in 2007, hitting my goal of 1000 km while only running 3 days a week. Now I'm looking forward to pushing it a bit more this year and shooting for 1000 mi. Anyone else here moving up from the 1000 km group? Think we'll have any shot at making the first page? Good luck in 2008 everyone! Josh

    2011 Goals:
    sub 17min 5k
    5:15 mile?
    (well, maybe next year)

    Running safely

      I was not in the 1000 Km group since I did not know about it. But, today I stepped across that 1000 Km mark to reach my goal. I am shooting for 1000 miles now. That is a big jump, but I think it is something I can do. Good luck!