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Congrats to all and Happy Holidays! - No PW's for the new year. (Read 127 times)


    Congrats to all who have finished 1000 miles for this year and to those that are soon to cross the line!


    I've made the 1000 miles the last 4 years in a row, but this year I'm not going to do it. Just way too many injuries and too many miles to catch up on.  It's quite sad, because now I've broken my streak and have to start all over again.


    I've been concentrating a lot on strengthening exercises the last couple months and hopefully won't have any problems with my IT Band in 2013 (or any other injury). The last few races my IT Band started acting up about 7-8 miles into the race causing a lot of pain and slowing my run times tremendously. I also happened to set two PW's this year (personal worsts) for the only 2 half marathons I ran. I guess it's still a record right?


    My first race for the new year is a half marathon planned for May, so I have lots of time to train and take it easy. I've had to fight the urge a few times to register for a half in March. I'd love to run it, but I think it's too soon.


    Here's to setting a PR instead of a PW for the race in May, and maybe 2013 will bring me 1000 miles again.


    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


    See you all in January for the new start.




      Thanks Lu. Good luck and good health in 2013!

      Camp Muir

        Stay healthy Lu!  Good advice for all of us, me especially.

        Shirtless wonder

          I feel your pain, I missed it last year.  I did make the 1000 miles this year -early since I was training for marathon.  Now since marathon on the injured list and only coming back now using Pfitzingers plan.  So 2013 not looking good at least in the beginning. 


          Rest and heal.  And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you and all the 1000 milers.


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