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I think I'm gonna make it! (Read 355 times)

    With 3 weeks to go and under 100 miles from the goal, I have to average 33.3 miles a week. My marathon training plan has 36, 43, 35 for the next 3 weeks.... so I guess I will cross the finish line just before the bunny! I cannot believe it. After loosing the first 4 months of the eyar to injury I didn't even know if I'd make 1000 km, let alone 1000 miles! I'm very excited about this Smile


      Hot spit!!!! You can definitely do this. And with that extended leave early in the year you probably get to 1500 next year. WTG!
      Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)

        Go Shaunna! Good luck the rest of the way, and in your marathon.

        IMKY13 finish!!

          I plan on breaking the 1,000 mile barrier on Christmas Eve morning. I plan on doing 6.2 miles Saturday morning, which than I'll do 10.25 miles Monday (Christmas Eve) morning to reach my 1,000 miles..WOO HOO!!!

          Fitness/weight goals for 2014


          1) STAY INJURY FREE!!!

          2) Get to 189 lbs by the end of July 2014...and stay there (as of 4-25-14 was at 203 lbs)

          3) Complete Ironman Chattanooga in under 14 hours

          4) Break 4 hours in a stand alone marathon (Goal race=Rocket City 12/13/14)

          5) 4,500 total overall miles for the year:

                   Swim: 100 miles

                   Bike: 3,000 miles

                   Run: 1,400 miles

            nice job Daytona!

              Way to go, Daytona. I keep telling my wife how I might hit 1,000 on Christmas morning, and how "neat" that would be. She keeps encouraging me to go out and put in a few extra miles. Do you think she's getting at something, here? Are my Jedi mind tricks actually working? Evil grin

                you all still have time, your almost there!!!!
                5/4/2008 Eugene Marathon "The Journey of 1000 Miles Starts With a Single Step" Tvccrunner1@aol.com
                  Hey everyone; great job! Let's put that bunny on page 2 by the end of the year!
                    Shaunna...Daytona....Gig...AWESOME!!!!! You're inspiring me to go further in '08
                    Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM
                      OK......looks like the Bunny is relgated to Page Two.....now to push him down to the bottom Good job Hurricane.....you are looking like you will be making it without a problem.
                        Good job Hurricane.....you are looking like you will be making it without a problem.
                        Thanks... you too, you're really close! We are stomping the bunny!
                          Less than 10 miles to go! Congratulations to all that have reached the goal! I'm right behind ya'!
                            i made it last night had great plans on Friday night to knock off the required 12 miles in one hit. But typically it was blowing a gale and howling with rain - so had to change my route a bit, meaning i had to go out and face the same weather conditions last night. But its done now - no rest for the wicked though - my HM training plan has to kick in tomorrow as this year its run a week earlier than last year.