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    Okay after a whole week of being horizontal on the couch with the flu I find that I am way behind the bunny. I don't know how long it will take me to get back out there and rgain my 5 mils 4x week. Hopefully I will feel good enough to get at least a slow easy 3 tomorrow. I don't want to push too hard as I still don'tfeel 100% but much better tha last week. Need some support so I don't feel so bummed. Corrina

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      Always keep the big picture in mind. Some short-term goals might help keep you going. You'll get back up to speed. Big grin In the meantime, rest, do some core exercises, and short jog/walks each day. Now is your chance to get ahead in your studies, so you won't be crunched for time when your better.
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        Corrina, I think a lot of us have gone through that this year. I was out for about 8 days and even when I started back, I was still pretty weak. I'm also still behind the bunny. Just take it easy and resist the urge to do too much. You'll catch up. You're not alone!!
          Hope you are feeling better. I know what you are going through. As if, life wasn't tough enough between kids and jobs. This flu bug comes along and hits hard. I was out the beginning of the month. Do as others have said take it slow, the speed and endurance will come back. The more sleep you can get the better. Staying healthy will be another goal for the rest of the winter. After 2 good runs this weekend I am back on my 15K race training.

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            Thanks all. I thought I was doing much better. I even went to work today. Decided to go for a short easy 3 miles but didn't even make it much more than 1/2 before the stomach cramps had me bent over and in pain. had to walk 1/2 mile home, where I sulked for 1/2 hr. Oh well another couple of days. Thanks for the support. You guys/gals rock! Corrina

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              Someone just said it to me, and I feel obliged to pass it on to you: "This, too, shall pass". And, when it does, you'll catch up and maybe even pass that wascally wabbit! Healthy vibes coming at you ~~~~~~~~~ -s-
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                You will catch up. The year is young. The key now is to get your strength back. That may mean running less miles than what the bunny does. However, once you get to that stage, then you can sit down and realign your goals of how many miles you need a day. It can and WILL be done. Last year I entered the last 3 months of the year needing 400 miles to reach the 1,000 mile mark. I reset my goals, hit the road every day and actually reached the 1,000 miles on Christmas Day....a week ahead of the deadline. Good luck Here is my blog for running 1,000 miles for this year. http://running1000milesinayear.blogspot.com/

                  Hi Corrina, I'm still about 42 miles behind the bunny right now, and am expecting to catch him in a few months... It might take a little while to catch up to the bunny, but don't worry you still have almost 10 months and I'm sure that by time the end of December rolls around you will be far enough ahead of him that you will wonder why you were ever worried in the first place. Lu

                    Corrina, Don't give up - lots of months left in 2008. I just caught fuzz and it was worth it. Keep pluggin away and soon enough fuzz will be in your rear view mirror chocking on your dust. Wink

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                      My 6 year old ball of fire daughter caught this flu. She's been fighting it now for 3 weeks. It got her bad enough to cause other things to creep in and get her. Get better first then get back to running. If you try to do too much too soon you may be out for even longer. Remember there is 12 months this year, not 3. There will come a time you feel extra strong and will make up these miles in a flash.


                        If it's' any consolation...I had knee surgery last year at the beginning of March and didn't run until mid APril and started really slow. I went from page 6 to page 3 over the next 6 months and then just cruised on in to the 1000 mile mark in Dec. Don't sweat the needed rests and don't give up on your goals
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                          Thanks all. You are all very supportive. I'm still have not made it for a run but I am hoping to go for a short run tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be okay and I can get the stress under controll. Thanks Corrina
                            Corrina, I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in the setbacks. I've been sick for a week and a half, first with the flu, and then just as I was feeling better, a stomach virus hit. Today is the first day that food has actually sounded good. I'm trying to graduate back to "real food" instead of crackers, plain rice, etc. Before that, I was having (and still have) some issues with plantar fasciitis that have also limited my running. I've taken off several days, or a couple of times several weeks, trying to get it under control. I've decided that as soon as I get my strength back up to start running again, I'm going to just try and be more consistent with it. The PF didn't really seem to get any better with all the rest, and it generally doesn't hurt any worse after running. So, I'm going to see if I can continue running, keeping up with the stretching and massaging etc. that I've been doing. I'm a lot further behind the bunny than you are right now, but I'm not giving up yet. Smile Lorrie
                              yeah I managed to get a 3 mile easy run in today after a long layoff. I had to take a few walk breaks but I got a run it. Hopefully I'll feel good tomorrow and can run again on Sunday. I am happy that it wasn't a horrible run and that yes it was slow and I had to walk but it felt good to run. Corrina