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When will you catch the Bunny? (Read 631 times)


    Stupid bunny passed me again. Geesh, that was short lived. Roll eyes


      I jinxed myself talking about passing the bunny. Actually, my bad habit of not stretching has caught up to me. I've developed plantar facitis in my left heel. After years of neglect my calves are wicked tight. Instead of running, I'm stretching & icing. I think I also need to replace my shoes. I won't be able to get to the closest running specialty store until Tuesday so, if I run this weekend it'll be short routes only. The rabbit is already 8.6 miles ahead of me. Sigh. Oh well, plenty of time left in the year to catch him.


        Pete, would small heel lifts help? I believe that is one treatment to help PF. Do you wear shoes of some sort in the house? I have had chronic issues on my outer arches (particularly right side) that I believe are tendonitis. There are some similarities for treating that and PF, including wearing shoes with good arch support at all times, even indoors. k

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          Hmmm - took 8 weeks off for a stress fracture and the #$*(#) bunny (btw - anyone seen the Bud Light swear jar commercial? Evil grin) is now more than DOUBLE me.... Calculated that I need to average 30 miles per week...so I'm not sure I'm gonna catch the bunny...this year. But I'm trying..... lisak
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            Damn thing is finally less than 100 miles ahead. So maybe sometime in September. Woot!
              i'm finally running enough miles on a weekly basis that if i kept it up for a whole year from Jan i'd do 1000miles. but i wont be catching the bunny this year - i gave it too much of a headstart Sad
                10 miles to go! I might just catch up this week.

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                  I plan on catching and eating that bunny for lunch on Labor Day!!

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                  I've got a fever...

                    I started very slow this year, but now that I'm consistently doing at least 20 miles a week (and have pulled ahead of the 1000km bunny), I've got my sights on catching that waskaly wabbit late in the year. I've averaged 23.6 mpw for the last 4 weeks. If I can manage 26.4 mpw for the rest of the year, the rabbit and I will be sprinting to the finish line New Year's eve. Since I hope to get consistently into the 30's, I hope to catch him sooner (so as to avoid having to run a 35-miler on 12/31).

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                      I'm seriously cutting it fine. I'm busy scaling my mileage up at the moment, and if I peak at 65km within the next 6 weeks then hold it there, I'll get to 1000 miles in the last week of the year. Roll eyes

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                        Weeeeee!! I just passed the bunny today. He is closely trailing my a**, but damn, it feels good. Eat my dust you pink fluffy bunny!!
                          Fantastic. Good for you!
                          Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado


                            Wow...after todays long run I am only one jlynnbob run away from catching that bunny. For me...that's still a couple of weeks away! But I am so going to catch it.
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                              Crabby, is today the day? I'm routing for you, especially after pulling up gimpy two miles into my long run. I managed to tough out another three, with an easy 1 mile walk after mile three, but then I got really dumb. With my hamstring settling down, and the traffic light just about to change, I opened my stride and ran hard, at least for two steps. Now I'm in all kinds of pain. I'm icing it, and *not* stretching it (learned that lesson the hard way), and I think I'll be ready for my five mile race on Saturday, but not ready to set a PR for it, which I was definitely on pace for. I was looking at mid-November to catch the rascally rabbit, but it might go until December. The key for me, for now, is to be smart about my injury. I'm not too smart to begin with, so that could be hard. Go Crabby (and anyone else looking to pass the bunny this week)!!


                                YEA!!! I passed the bunny last week and it only took training for a marathon to do it. I am a mere 5 miles ahead but this is great incentive to stay ahead and reach my 1000 mile goal... I am also watching as the snow line drops towards sea level, but I will keep up on the winter runs. Gig...you are getting hotter (and I mean that in the getting closer kinda way!) I expect that you will catch me in November and then we can cruise into the 1000 mile mark pretty darn close. Sorry about your pain and I hope your runs improve!
                                Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)