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Now that was a bath...

    Yesterday I was allowed to run for a whole kilometer. I ran 2.16 and pretended I didn't know how far it was to the track. I am only going to be allowed to run every other day and it will take me weeks to get back to distance. That darn bunny has sure got ahead of me. More than 110 miles ahead and the distance is getting greater every day. Patience is a virtue I am learning the art of, although not that well. It was sssssoooooooooooo hard to only run a short distance yesterday. My leg has been a little tender since but on the whole I am pleased with my return. Bunny - you out there? You reading this. You need to be cautious. Having me behind you is a scary situation so keep looking over that shoulder until you feel the thud of me passing and just pray I don't take you out on the way. There. I feel better now. Claire xxx
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