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When does the rabbit get further away? (Read 391 times)

    Anyone know when that stupid pace bunny is updated each day? If I run in the AM and post it, was he updated at midnight and I have huffed and puffed my way closer? Or on that day is he actually waiting to post AFTER me to make me look further away and bring me down? Is he a tricky bunny?


    In an nutshell: On Dec 31st will he post at 00:01am or at 11:59pm?


    I hereby publicly proclaim my disdain for all things furry...at least the ones that eat lettuce and out run me on a regular basis! Smile My poor kids don't understand my grumpiness during the egg hunt this Easter!


    I may have missed it in my readings, sorry if the answer is apparant and I didn't search hard enough.


    Keep running!

    Just a dude.

      My understanding is that the bunny is updated hourly...

      So whenever you finish huffing and puffing... the bunny is ready to spring again...

      My advice? Run that little furball into the ground by a good margin and lay the hammer down so he doesn't start sneaking back up on ya...


      Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 

        Thanks KD!

        Wow - hourly! I guess I can check that by simply coming back soon!

        Impressive Eric! Smile