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    I timed my training to hit my 1000th mile during this event.


    Zürich Bierathlon


    A typical Kastenlauf (crate-run) where teams of two carry a crate of beer, with two goals: 1) run the distance (carrying the crate) and finish the beer.  This one was about 4 miles, and 3 L of beer (or 1.5 L each).  A 5 lap course and 5 bottles of beer each made it convenient - run a lap, drink a beer.  The final laps were great fun!


    I wouldn't recommend doing something like this to anyone seriously training for something (for obvious reasons), but to mark my 1000th mile, I couldn't think of anything better than crossing the finish line tipsily with a good friend.


    Anyway, I had an absolutely great running year.  I ran my first marathon ever this year, which is where I got the bulk of my mileage in.  I learned a whole lot about running that I took for granted - I grew up an athlete who looked down at x-country as the sport for kids who couldn't do anything else.  But I have nothing but respect now for the sport, and I'll probably remain a 15-25 mpw runner from now on, though I think marathons are unhealthy for a Clydesdale (5'11" 200 lb) like myself.  I'll stick with 10K-half distances.


    Best of luck to those forging on to the 1000 mile goal!  I might just have to do this again next year, but more evenly spaced out over the year Smile

      Congrats!!! Sounds like a great way to hit the 1000th mile.

      2012 Goals: No Injuries Run 1000 miles Bayshore Marathon- May Indy Full Marathon-October